Are Clare Crawley and Dale Moss together

What Happened to Dale Moss From the Bachelorette you might be asking?

Season 16 is just around the corner and this season is already anticipated to be one of the best shows on tv!

As you may know the lead on the Bachelorette was supposed to be Clare Crawley  but reportedly will be replaced with Tayshia Adams.

Word around the campfire is that Crawley QUIT because of her current relationship with former NFL star Dale Moss. The couple have been reported to be on and off. 

Dale has told TMZ that he wanted to marry Clare but things got a little shaky as the show was coming to an end.

There have been many rumors that the couple are together and plan on getting married. Another popular rumor that is going around is that Clare quit the show in the middle of taping season 16.

The rumors have been flying and everybody wants to know the truth, and what happened to Dale Moss from the Bachelorette?

Did Clare Crawley Leave The Show For Dale Moss?

Why did Clare Crawley quit Bachelorette

Entertainment tonight reported that Clare quit the taping of The Bachelorette season 16 due to falling in love with the contestant Dale Moss while the show was being recorded. 

The two have been reported to have made a strong connection before the show started and the producers knew this would lead up to very dramatic and interesting chemistry between the two.

Clare has stated that she knew that it was love at first sight and had a feeling she never experienced before in her life while being in Dale’s presence. 

You can’t deny how one special person can make you feel and that man was Dale Moss for Clare.

Although the show will still go on, Clare Crawley will be featured on the show for the first few episodes before her replacement takes her place as the leading lady on the show.

With Season 16 airing tonight, the excitement and romance is in the air and everybody can hardly wait for the drama to unfold! 

Why Did Clare Crawley Quit The Bachelorette?

what happened to dale moss from the bachelorette

Being a 39 year old woman, Clare Crawley just knew that Dale Moss was the guy of her dreams. The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison noticed that Clare was head over heels for Dale and wanted to keep this a secret from the show’s producers.

Just 12 days into shooting Clare decided to pull the plug on the show because she already knew Dale was the man that she was going to pick and didn’t want to waste any time.

Although the show will replace her with Tayshia Adams, fans can still expect the drama and suspense that Clare would have provided if she continued the show.

Are Clare Crawley and Dale Moss together you might be wondering. The answer is yes! The two have been together for months and plan to be married soon.

Dale Moss has reportedly dedicated Instagram stories to Clare and the two have never been better.


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