what are the best youtube channel to start for girl

What Are The Best YouTube Channels To Start For Girls? This is a question often asked by the next generation of aspiring YouTube celebrities.

There are many things that you could do, but what are the main subjects that will shoot you into stardom?

This is very subjective because there is no “right way” to starting a successful channel. But there are definitely proven channels that you can imitate to achieve success.

What are you passionate about? Do you have a skill that can help millions of people around the world? So what are the best YouTube channels to start for for girls?


Creating a YouTube channel about your passions is probably the best way you can go about it. But if you still want to look at a list full of ideas, you’re in luck!

Now the question still stands, what are the best YouTube channels to start for girls? This list is going to contain the best YouTube channel ideas for beginners for girls.

How To Start a YouTube Channel For Girl Beginners

Creating a YouTube channel you can be proud of won’t be easy. But imagine all of the fun you will be having. Content creation is the name of the game and this list is going to help get your brain juices flowing!

Cooking YouTube Channel

How to start a cooking Youtube channel for girls

Lets face it, people love to eat! If you have skills in the kitchen this can be a great channel to start.

The beautiful thing about having a cooking channel is the amount of recipes you can cover. 

You won’t have to come up with a new idea for a video everyday, just pull out a cook book or search online and get to work!

Laura in the Kitchen is a perfect example of what a great cooking channel is, flat out entertaining and informative.

Laura has appeared on many TV shows such as Beat Bobby Flay, The Today Show, Chopped JR & Sugar Showdown. 

What makes her relate-able is the fact that she is self-taught, giving all of us who didn’t go to culinary school hope! 

Regardless of formal cooking training she was able to captivate a huge YouTube following with over 3.54M subscribers.

Be sure to visit her YouTube channel and check out the various recipes she covers and how she structures her content.

Beauty Tips YouTube Channel

what is the best makeup channel for beginners

Are you a makeup fanatic? Providing tips and tricks on how to apply makeup is a great channel to start for those who are obsessed with beauty.

MUA are in high demand and if you can inject your own personality into teaching others you have the potential to have an incredible channel!

One of my personal favorite makeup tutorial channels belong to Daneille Mansutti. Daneille has over 1.6M subscribers and is one of the best makeup artist on YouTube.

She injects her sweet personality and humor into every one of her videos.

 Another reason why she is so successful is she covers an array of topics such as lifestyle advice and mental health.

My favorite videos are her makeup tutorials for beginners. She really guides you step by step on how to create the perfect look. 

Her routines for clear skin are also worth checking out as well!

YouTube Channel Ideas For Beginners For Girls

With two niches checked off the list here are another set of ideas that will inspire you to start your own YouTube channel. 

Gaming YouTube Channel

gaming youtube channels for girls

Guys think they are so good at video games, but lady gamers beg to differ! The gaming industry is worth over 137 billion dollars and shows no signs of slowing down. 

With that said, taking your gaming skills to YouTube is a no brainer! 

Creating a video game channel is fairly simple but you will need the following tools:

  • Video recorder
  • Screen capture software
  • Lighting
  • Video editing software
  • Gaming Headset & Mic

My favorite female gaming YouTube channel belongs to SSSniperWolf. She absolutely destroys the competition and does it in an entertaining way. 

I personally enjoy her Fortnite videos, getting 1st place in battle royale looks exhausting!

DIY YouTube Channel

the best diy channels for women

The DIY lifestyle is thriving and people want to know how to create the perfect project. This is where you step in and guide these people to the promised land. 

The DIY niche is very broad which is ideal for coming up with ideas for content creation.

A famous DIYER you should refer to is LaurDIY. From DIY clothing to DIY room decor, she does it all. 

A unique thing Lauren did to stand out from the crowd was the “DIY challenge”.

This was an intelligent way for her to interact with her audience. You should incorporate these kind of techniques on your channel as well! This is a top pick for what are the best YouTube channels to start for girls.

Traveling YouTube Channel

what is the best female travel youtube channels

Bragging about your vacations will never go out of style. Which is why starting a travel YouTube channel is a great idea! 

If you live for adventure and can offer advice on where to go you’re in business.

One channel you can refer to is Hey Nadine, her vblogs are amazing and offer an abundance of information. 

Nadine offers great advice to her audience such as cheap travel destinations and packing guides for beginners.

Motivational Speaking YouTube Channel

motivational speaking

If you have a positive personality and love to drop knowledge why not start a motivational speaking YouTube channel? 

Everybody can use a kind word of encouragement now and then.

Starting a motivational speaking channel is a great niche to enter, it’s easy to come up with topics to talk about and it’s fairly less crowded than other niches.

One prominent speaker you should check out is Priya Kumar

Priya has been speaking professionally for over 24 years and has given speeches in over 37 countries.

Notably Priya is a certified fire walk instructor and has done over 2,000 ceremonies. 

After you’ve walked on fire I’m sure you can do anything! This industry is untapped and is a perfect choice for what are the best YouTube channels to start for girls.

Tech Review YouTube Channel

how to start a tech review channel for women

If you are knowledgeable about the latest gadgets starting a tech review channel is perfect for you. 

Staying up to date with the latest electronics is hard work for some. 

Thankfully somebody like you can keep the masses informed on whats hot and whats not.

With over 6.23M subscribers iJustine is one of the most popular female tech reviewers on YouTube. 

Justine’s in depth analysis on products are insightful and can definitely help you decide whether to get the new Iphone or not.

Dating YouTube Channel

how to start a dating youtube channel for women

Everybody wants to be loved, if you have dating experience and want to help others you’re the perfect candidate to start a dating channel. 

People want to know how to attract the perfect person, sometimes these people are willing to pay for this advice as well.

A very popular female dating coach that goes by the name of Renee Slansky offers superb dating advice for the ladies. 

Renee offers coaching and courses that help singles land their ideal partner.

Parody YouTube Channel

how to start a parody youtube channel for women

If you love making people laugh you should consider running a parody channel. 

The parody genre can range from music videos, skits, movie scenes and impersonations of celebrities.

Creating a parody channel can be a great niche to tap into and can even land you on popular TV shows if you are successful.

With over 14.8M subscribers Lilly Singh has the perfect skit and parody format. Her witty delivery and clever topics separate her from other comedians.

Organization YouTube Channel

how to start an organization youtube channel for women

Keeping your living space organized can be tough. There are a chosen few who enjoy being organized and don’t mind sharing how they do it with the world. 

If keeping your living space in order is your “thing” then starting an organization YouTube channel will suit you perfectly. 

Home Organizing by Alejandra.tv is a great channel to study and offers simple and effective trips and tricks.

With over 1.05M subscribers ms. Alejandra Costello certainly is in a class of her own when it comes to systematizing a household.

Sewing YouTube Channel

best sewing youtube channel for beginners for girls

Sewing is a very underrated skill and would be a great niche to tap into on YouTube. 

Although it is very old fashioned this skill set isn’t going out of style anytime soon. 

People around the world are ready to learn your tips and tricks.

The Made To Sew YouTube channel offers the blueprint on how to create a successful sewing channel.

Fashion Tips YouTube Channel

how to start a fashion youtube channel on youtube

Being a fashionista can come in handy, especially on YouTube. 

Giving fashion advice is never going to end and if you have good taste you will be rewarded with success. 

If you know the latest trends and brands share it with the world!

For a run down on how to make a successful fashion tips channel check out Fashion By Ally

She provides fun shopping hacks & specialized DIY fashion advice which makes her stand out from the crowd.

Business YouTube Channel

how to start a business youtube channel for women

Entrepreneurship is a huge niche and if you have entrepreneurial information starting a business channel isn’t a bad idea. 

With that being said if you need topics to cover check out the content Marie Forleo creates.

Marie was deemed the next generations thought leader by the legendary Oprah Winfrey. 

Ms. Forleo offers online training courses for her audience that help hone their business skills.

Singing YouTube Channel

how to start a cover song youtube channel for women

If you love karaoke or performing your favorite song in the mirror maybe starting a singing YouTube channel is in your future. 

Music is an evergreen niche meaning you’ll have plenty of songs to sing.

Kenzie Nimmo is a popular cover singer that covers everything from Lady Gaga, Elvis Presley, Justin Timberlake & Mariah Carey. 

The world is ready to hear your voice, put it on display with your favorite song!

How To Start a YouTube Channel From Scratch

Now that you’ve learned what are the best YouTube channel for girls are, it’s time to get your page started. 

An entrepreneur by the name of Gillian Perkins offers fantastic advice on how to start your first successful YouTube channel.

As a bonus here are 9 extra tips that will help you get started on your  YouTube journey.

1. Plan Your Video Out Ahead Of Time

idea planning

Don’t go into your 1st video without knowing what you’re going to cover.

 Go into your videos prepared, you don’t want to stammer and wing it on your very 1st video. 

Remember to be interesting and engaging, bring your best energy and don’t hold back.

2. Get The Proper Equipment

youtube equipment

You can always use your phone to record your videos, but if you want to have high quality content you must invest in your business. 

Most YouTube stars use DSLR’s and mirror less cameras.

Along with other videography gear such as tripods, lenses & studio quality lighting. 

Having the proper equipment does not equal success but your videos will be taken more seriously. 

Don’t forget about sound quality as well, invest in a good microphone.

3. Spy On Your Competition

how to make a video

If you are struggling to come up with ideas for your 1st video, visit popular channels within your niche and look at the topics they are covering. 

Now don’t copy the whole video, make sure to put your unique twist and outlook on the matter.

4. Use All Of Your Video Time Purposefully

creating a video

Making a good video is a balance between holding interest levels and informing your audience. 

Talking for the sake of taking up time isn’t the best way to making a great video, it’s best to make a shorter video if you begin to feel that way.

If you begin to feel passionate about the topic you are in a great place for an entertaining and potentially viral video. 

People will be drawn to your passion and undeniable energy regardless of the time at that point.

5. Network With Other Channels

networking with friends

Sometimes it’s who you know and not what you know. Making friends with other channels in your niche can be a huge advantage for you. 

You can collaborate on videos and cross promote to each other’s audience to gain followers. 

6. Connect With Your Audience

making a successful youtube channel for women

People want to feel involved, it’s human nature to want to belong. Engaging with your audience is a major factor in creating a successful YouTube channel.

Your audience is the life stream to your channel, treat them with care and respect and you will be taken care of in return.

7. Optimize Your Videos And Channel 

how to start a successful youtube channel for women

Being a new channel your videos will not be seen by the majority of people alone. You must “Optimize” your videos to increase your chances of getting it seen. 

Optimization means adding the correct “keywords” or hashtags to your videos. 

For example if your video is about 5 ways to apply eye liner, a weak title would be “how to put on eyeliner”. 

A better title would be “5 unique ways to apply your eyeliner”. 

Both titles use the keyword “eyeliner” which is good but the second headline sounds informal and interesting.

Another best practice for optimization is completing your profile, incorporate keywords and hashtags in your bio to help the search engine find your channel!

8. Use Easy Editing Software

youtube channel for beginners for girls

One skill set you will have to learn while starting your YouTube journey is video editing. 

Your videos must have a good flow and shouldn’t be just one on going shot. There are plenty of easy to use editing programs like Imovie and Movie Maker.

9. Consistently Post Videos

the best youtube channels to make for girls

This is the most important tip out of the bunch. Do you want to know what will lead to your channels ultimate success? 

The answer is consistency, this is the cold hard truth that many “gurus” won’t tell you.

The only way your channel will grow is if you stay consistent with posting videos. If you consistently post high quality videos you are destined for success! 

What are the best YouTube channels to start for for girls? They can be anything you put your mind to and remain consistent with! 

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