Understanding and using the law of attraction

Understanding and using the Law of Attraction are two different things. You might understand the concept of the law of attraction but do you know how to actually use it?

True understanding and using the law of attraction can help multiply the time it takes to manifest what you truly desire in the physical world.

The Law of Attraction is truly a life changing concept to living life and can bring you miracles only heard from in story-tales. Understanding and using the law of attraction can really enhance the quality of your life!

Lets uncover the basic principles of the Law of Attraction in order to use this gift properly.

A Deep Understanding And Using The Law Of Attraction For Manifestation

how to use the law of attraction

The Law of Attraction is the ability to bring whatever we are focusing on. Everybody on earth has access to this wonderful power and gift.

Creating your own reality is your god given right, your life belongs to you and you’re more powerful than you think.

The only thing that is required for using the Law of Attraction is your mind. Remember all thoughts eventually become things.

If you focus your energy on good and positive things, those tend to manifest. Likewise if you think of bad and dark thoughts, they will come to life as well.

You must always be mindful of the thoughts you keep in your mind. Think of your brain as garden, the more positive thoughts you plant, the more positive things will manifest.

The key to manifestation is to keep your focus on the desired outcome and create positive emotion around that desire.

How to Practice Law of Attraction

understanding the law of attraction

The Law of Attraction isn’t as mysterious as it once was. People gained national awareness of The Law of Attraction from the popular book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.

Understanding and using the Law of Attraction correctly come down to a few basic principles.

Identify What You Desire And Ignore The Negative

It is absolutely crucial to your success that you focus on your goal and nothing else. Create a positive picture in your head by removing words like “don’t, can’t, not, and no”.

Think of your mind like a camera, capture your goal in a snapshot and create a positive emotion towards that goal.

Creating positive emotions with your goal in mind will put you in a higher frequency, this is what will help manifestation more likely to happen.

Get Into A Higher Vibration

In order to get what you want, you must match the vibration of the thing you desire. You must become the correct version of yourself and be in alignment with your goal. 

How would you feel if you already achieved your goal or got the item you have in mind?

Understanding and using the law of attraction comes with many steps and processes. But knowing this is half the battle.


How to Apply the Law of Attraction

how to apply the law of attraction

Release & Let Go

During this step you will take your vision, goal / desire, and affirmations and release them all to the universe. Yes that’s right, you are going to let them go!

Think of this part as prayer and you are giving your desires to the universe. If you have doubts that you will get what you’re looking for this will block your blessings.

The faster you can remove fear, doubt, negative talk, and contradiction, the faster your dreams will be become a reality.

As soon as you ask the universe for what you want, you MUST believe you’ll get it!

Trust that you will receive your desire, and attach yourself from the outcome signals to the universe you are worthy of your desire.


Law of Attraction The Secret

law of attraction definition

Affirmations are used to keep negative thoughts and doubts from entering your mind. An affirmation is declaration to your goals that they are finished.

It is a bit counter-intuitive to claim you’re finished with a goal when you aren’t. The reason why you want to do this is to feel the joy you would feel about getting your desire.

The energy and joy you would feel is the frequency which you must be in to get the desired results or item.

All thoughts are made up of energy and eventually become physical. Everything in the physical world is a form of energy. This is why your thoughts should always be positive.

Appreciation is a powerful form of energy that can be used to help you manifest your desires. Being grateful for anything in your life puts you into a state of abundance.

If you are in a mind-state of abundance you are vibrating in a higher frequency. Keep in mind that everything and everybody is vibrating at a certain frequency.  

How to Practice Law of Attraction

law of attraction love

Gratitude and appreciation are very high frequency emotions. If these two emotions are practiced daily they are more likely to be drilled into your subconscious. 

If your subconscious mind has gratitude and appreciation as your default of being, your chances of manifestation increases. 

Here is a list of daily gratitude and appreciation affirmations that will keep you in an abundant mindset. 

Daily Affirmations For Gratitude

  • I am grateful to be alive!
  • I will be thankful no matter what my circumstances are.
  • I am grateful for every day.
  • I am blessed every day I wake up.
  • The universe will provide me with everything I need.
  • I am grateful for my family and friends.
  • I am grateful for all the lessons life has taught me.
  • I am grateful for the love I receive every day.
  • I am grateful for the knowledge that is bestowed upon me.
  • I am grateful for a peace of mind.
  • I live in a state of positive and grateful state of mind.
  • There is beauty and serenity all around me.
  • Every day is a precious gift.
  • I am thankful for being at peace with myself.
  • There is always something to be grateful for.
  • I am grateful for all that I have right now.
  • The universe provides me with all the answers I need.
  • I am the co-creator of my reality.
  • I am grateful for my healthy body and mind.


Understanding the Law of Attraction

law of attraction the secret

Daily Affirmations For Appreciation

  • I always show kindness and support you my friends and family.
  • I respect and honor my parents.
  • I cherish my childhood memories.
  • I will always take care of my friends and family.
  • I’m thankful for the way I was raised by my parents.
  • I thank god every day for waking up.
  • I am thankful for the beauty of mother nature.
  • I am thankful for the food that nourishes me.
  • I appreciate every gift the universe provides me.
  • I appreciate the love and support from my peers.
  • I appreciate every hour of the day. 
  • I appreciate every importunity the universe provides me.
  • I appreciate all of the messages I receive from the universe. 
  • I appreciate the planet and my existence.

Appreciation and gratitude are powerful positive emotions and can really accelerate the manifestations of your blessings. Another positive energy that can help you manifest your desires is love!

Affirmations For Love

7 meditation techniques

Love can power both men and women to unbelievable heights in life. A support system of 2 loving people can transform not only your life, but the lives around yours.

Daily Affirmations For Love

  • I am surrounded by love and light. 
  • I love my life and everybody in it.
  • I treat my significant other with love and respect.
  • My partner loves me for who I am.
  • I am open to love and compassion from others.
  • I am willing to give love without expectations.
  • I choose to love my partner unconditionally.
  • I am worthy of a lover of my desire.
  • I am worthy of praise and unconditional love.
  • I love myself completely and honestly. 
  • I am attracting my soulmate into existence.
  • I only attract loving and caring people into my life.
  • Love is my natural state of being.
  • I am worthy of a deep, loving, and caring relationship.
  • I attract love and companionship. 

How To Successfully Visualize Your Desires

Mindful meditation practice

Creative visualization can really help shape your life. In order to get better results in your manifestation you must focus on learning proper visualization techniques.

Many elite people of all walks of life utilize visualization. Celebrities, athletes, and business owners alike all use success visualization. 

In order to speed up the success of your visualization, you will learn techniques that you can implement into your meditation or visualization practices today.

Be In The Correct State Of Mind

Correct visualization begins with having a positive state of mind. Always go into your visualization practice with a clear head and a calm body.

Use Emotion In Your Visualizations

When you feel joyful, proud, free, abundance, and wealthy during your visualizations, they become more powerful.

Adding emotion to your visualizations help your subconscious mind deliver desired plans in order to achieve your desired goal.

Spend a little time and reenact how you would feel, look, and sound if you got the thing you desire. Make sure this scene in your mind is as detailed as possible.

Practice Every Day

This part of visualization is very underrated and hardly ever talked about. Practicing visualization is the only way to really hone the skill of creating a moment in your mind with vivid senses and a clear mental picture.

Practicing everyday for at least 20 minutes will dramatically improve your visualizing skills, causing you to leave a faster impression on your subconscious mind, causing faster manifestation. 

How To Manifest Money Into Your Life

how to apply the law of attraction step by step

If getting wealthy is one of your goals in life, the law of attraction can help you manifest this into your life. However people who never achieve wealth usually block themselves from becoming rich.

Financial success starts within the mind. If you’re poor in your mind, chances are your life will reflect those thoughts.

A common block that affects millions of people is their outlook and beliefs about money. It is very common for people to think of money as a negative object early on due to friends and family.

In order to get rid of this block you must retrain your brain and correct your outlook on money.

If you believe money is evil and hard to get, you’re telling your subconscious mind to remember that and this is what causes you to remain in your current state.

Begin by using affirmations that reinstate positive feelings and emotions towards money.

Affirmations For Attracting Money

  • I am a money magnet.
  • Money comes to me unexpectedly and easily.
  • My mind is full of abundance.
  • I am worthy of making $1,000,000 dollars.
  • I am open to every opportunity that brings wealth.
  • I have an unlimited source of income and wealth.
  • I am financially free and happy.
  • I make more money than I spend.
  • The universe will provide me with an unlimited source of money.
  • My positive mind state will attract more money to me.
  • I will attract more money into my life easily.
  • My mind attracts wealth and abundance daily.
  • There is an abundance of business opportunities in my life.
  • I am open minded to all career opportunities.
  • I am attracting my dream job with positive thoughts.
  • I have all the money I will ever need.
  • I have all the resources I need to succeed.

The Practice Of Meditation

How to meditate

Meditation is the practice of using a technique that focuses the mind on a certain object or thought. The goal of meditation is to train your attention, awareness, and gain mental clarity.

Meditation can be used to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and pain. Not only can it heal you, it can also help increase inner peace, perception and overall well-being.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a form of meditation that teaches you how to remain aware and present in the moment. 

There are millions of people who dwell in their past. Practicing mindfulness teaches you how to be more aware of your surroundings without judgement.

You can practice mindful meditation just about anywhere you choose.

The most commonly used form of mindful meditation encourages awareness breathing while relaxed and becoming aware of tension in your body.

Practicing mindful meditation can:

  • reduce negative emotions
  • improve your memory
  • improve concentration and focus
  • improve inner calmness

Combining meditation along with your visualization practice will not only help you manifest your desires, but will also help improve your overall health! 

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