positive affirmations for weight loss

Using Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss

Losing weight is obviously done physically, but did you know using positive affirmations for weight loss can help accelerate your results?

Humans are creatures of habit, making sure your habits help you contribute to your goal of losing weight is vital to your success.

Did you know 90% of new dieters usually give up on their diet after only 2 weeks? This mom lost over 100 pounds using a natural keto activator!

People usually give up on their diet because of the poor results they are getting and a lack of planning.

Achieving your weight loss goals is a lot more mental than you think, a lot of your results will come from concentration, habits, and execution.

Dieting is one of the hardest things to do in the world. That’s why there are so many blogs, magazines, and websites dedicated to weight loss.

But one tool that is often overlooked is positive affirmations for weight loss.

Weight Loss Help Using Positive Affirmations

Are you familiar with the law of attraction? The law of attraction can help you manifest the body of your dreams by bringing situations, people, or ideas into your life.

Using the law of attraction as a weight-loss tool isn’t as ridiculous as it sounds. If you understand the principles of the law of attraction you’ll understand how it can improve your dieting results.

Your mind is a supercomputer that was created to solve problems. By imprinting your subconscious mind with a desire, it must provide you with the answer.

In order to plant a seed into your subconscious mind, it takes a combination of repetition, visualization, and emotion. By combining emotion with visualization you’ll create a stronger mental picture in your mind’s eye.

Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and fantasy. This is the hidden formula for your upcoming success.

Imprinting Your Subconscious Mind For Weight Loss

Your subconscious mind is one of the key factors in making the law of attraction work. What isn’t known, is the importance of involving emotion in your visualization practice.

By adding emotion to your visualization practice, you trick your subconscious into thinking it’s reality. This process accelerates the process of manifestation. 

Another way to plant a seed in your subconscious mind is by using positive affirmations. Staying positive while being on a diet is an absolute must.

Positive affirmations for weight loss not only keep you on track, but they also condition your mind for success along with your subconscious mind.

Using positive affirmations is one of the fastest ways to communicate with your subconscious mind.

After a while, you will subconsciously begin to do the things you’ve been saying in your affirmations. 


The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind For Losing Weight

In order to succeed while dieting, you will need to have a plan and stick to it. You can take advantage of the main principles of the law of attraction and incorporate them into your diet.

Using affirmations paired with strong and positive emotions will turbocharge the time it will take for your subconscious to act on the commands you give it.

By using the following affirmations every day while on your diet, you’ll be programming your subconscious to believe and execute the requests.

  • “I will lose 10 pounds every month by eating healthy and exercising 3 to 4 times a week.”
  • “I feel healthier and look sexier every day.”
  • “My dieting plan is easy to execute.”
  • “I lose 1 pound a day easily.”
  • “My meal plan is delicious and healthy.”
  • “Losing weight is easy and fun.”
  • “My diet works wonders for me.”
  • “My body feels lite and looks vibrant.”
  • “I like taking walks that help me burn calories.”
  • “My body burns calories fast and safely.”
  • “My metabolism is working hard to help me lose over 20 pounds this month.”
  • “I prefer healthy food instead of junk food.”
  • “I enjoy going on runs that keep me healthy and happy.”
  • “I lose over 10 pounds every month.”
  • “It was easy to lose over 5 pounds in only 2 days.”
  • “I prefer vegetables and fruit as snacks.”
  • “Going into ketosis is easy and sustainable for me.”
  • “I love my body!”
  • “Exercising is my favorite hobby.”
  • “I prepare healthy & tasty food that keeps me on my diet.”
  • “My diet gets easier and easier every month.”
  • “Having my dream body has given me endless confidence and joy.”
  • “Having a healthy and sexy body has brought me inner peace and joy I’ve never had before.”
  • “Confidence and happiness come from my strong and slim body.”
  • “People compliment my beautiful body every day.”
  • “My lover adores my body in every way.”
  • “My diet was easy to follow, and helped me lose over 100 pounds.”
  • “I lost over 50 pounds in only 3 months.”
  • “I love exercising and eating healthy.”
  • “Eating healthy food has given me a flat stomach and a tiny waist.”
Powerful Affirmations For Your Diet
  • “My weight loss journey is inspirational and self-fulfilling.”
  • “I lose 2 pounds a day.”
  • “I have my dream body and it feels amazing.”
  • “Changing my diet has been easy and has greatly improved my life.”
  • “I enjoy taking evening walks that contribute to my dieting goals.”
  • “My stomach is slim and strong.”
  • “My clothes keep getting smaller and smaller.”
  • “I’m very grateful to reach my goal weight.”
  • “I am thankful to have been able to lose 50 pounds.”
  • “I am thankful the universe provides me with the strategies I need to lose weight.”
  • “My subconscious mind will create the perfect diet plan for me.”
  • “The universe always provides me with proper weight loss supplements.”
  • “My body is perfect.”
  • “I’m strong, confident, and healthy.”
  • “My stamina is incredible and exercising is my favorite hobby.”
  • “I love going on long walks with my loved ones.”
  • “My waist is slim and trim.”
  • “I love to run and burn calories every day.”
  • “My yoga practice is perfect and helped me create my dream body.”
  • “I am healthy and confident in my body.”
  • “My body is in tune with my true desires.”
  • “The universe has provided me with the perfect workout plan.”
  • “I love to express myself by dancing.”
  • “My bike rides are fun and easy.”
  • “My diet allows me to lose over 10 pounds a month.”
  • “I burn calories and fat easily and safely.”
  • “Burning fat is easy and quick.”
  • “Being healthy and confident is my greatest joy.”
  • “My health is perfect and allows me to live a perfect life.”
  • “My bikini fits my body perfectly.”
Weight Loss Affirmations
  • “Eating healthy and clean burns fat.”
  • “When I eat healthy my body burns over 10 pounds of fat a month.”
  • “I lose weight quickly and safely every day.”
  • “Eating healthy food is my favorite way of living life.”
  • “My diet has created my dream body quickly and easily.”
  • “Losing weight is easy and fast for me.”
  • “I am happy to have the body of my dreams.”
  • “I am at my ideal weight.”
  • “My yoga practice provides me with a strong and sexy body.”
  • “Losing 20 pounds is easy for me.”
  • “I have lost over 100 pounds and did it with ease.”
  • “I have lost 10 pounds this week and I feel amazing.”
  • “I lose weight and keep it from coming back forever!”
  • “My perfect eating habits help me from gaining any weight back.”
  • “I only eat healthy and nutritional food.”
  • “Weight loss was too easy for me.”
  • “My diet is easy to follow and helped me lose 10 pounds quickly!”
  • “I lose over 5 pounds every week with ease!”
  • “I’ve lost over 200 pounds from eating healthy every day!”
  • “All of my new clothes are smaller sizes!”
  • “I have a flat and sexy stomach.”
  • “I have a supermodel body.”
  • “My exercise routine becomes less challenging every month.”
  • Yoga is my favorite way to lose 5 pounds every month!”
  • “Yoga keeps my body flexible, strong, and sexy!”
  • “Working out is the best anti-depressant in the world!”
  • “I control my body to lose weight quickly and safely every month.”
  • “Cooking healthy food is my favorite hobby.”
  • “Eating fruit and vegetables helped me lose over 20 pounds this month!”
  • “I created my perfect body from eating healthy food every day.”
Diet Affirmations
  • “Bike rides through nature is my favorite way to burn calories.”
  • “Swimming is my favorite way to burn calories.”
  • “Eating a fresh salad every day keeps me content and healthy.”
  • “Going for walks on the beach helps me lose 5 pounds every week.”
  • “My morning jog helps me clear my mind and burn calories.”
  • “My keto diet is perfect and helped me lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks.”
  • “I feel more energized than ever before because of my healthy eating habits.”
  • “My evening walks bring tranquility and help me burn fat every day.”
  • “Going hiking every week keeps me healthy and keeps my mind clear.”
  • “Losing weight was easy and fast because of the dieting plan my subconscious mind provided me.”
  • “My subconscious mind has provided me with the perfect diet that  helped me lose the most weight quickly.”
  • “My subconscious will provide me with a diet that suits my every need.”
  • “The diet that my subconscious chose for me is easy to follow and burns fat quickly.”
  • “I easily lost over 100 pounds in only 3 months by eating healthy.”
  • “I love the progress I make every day while being on my diet.”
  • “Weight loss is simple because I burn fat quickly.”
  • “My new body is a representation of my best self.”
  • “Eating fruit and vegetables helped me get the body of my dreams.”
  • My diet keeps me healthy, confident, and sexy.”
  • “I have a sexy body with unbreakable confidence.”
  • “Accomplishing my weight loss goals have brought me happiness and motivation to keep pushing my limits.”
Spiritual Affirmations For Weight Loss
  • “The universe will put me in the best circumstances to lose the most weight as fast as possible.”
  • “My subconscious mind will manifest the perfect trainer or partner that will help me lose weight.”
  • “The universe has provided me with the best food, dieting strategy, and supplements that accelerated my weight loss progress.”
  • “The universe always gives me the supplements I need, right when I need them.”
  • “My subconscious mind gave me the perfect exercise routine that’s sustainable and easy to maintain.”
  • “The universe has provided me with friends and partners that want to live a healthier lifestyle.”
  • “My subconscious mind delivers the perfect solutions for burning fat and calories.”
  • “The universe will provide the best ways to live a sustainable and healthier lifestyle.”
  • “The universe will provide me with the healthy food I need to lose over 50 pounds this year.”
  • “My subconscious mind will create the habits I need to be successful with my diet.”
  • “I have lost over 150 pounds because the universe put me in a position to meet my dieting mentor.”
  • “The universe brought me to the best dieting forum on the internet.”
Spiritual Dieting

Now that you have the strongest positive affirmations for weight loss, achieving your dieting goals won’t be a problem. Imagine how you will look one year from now.

You’re in your room, getting rid of all the old clothes that don’t fit you anymore. All of your coworkers and friends can’t recognize you because of how much weight you’ve lost.

Your dating life has never been better, you’ve found your ideal partner who supports and compliments your new healthy lifestyle. Your lover can’t keep their eyes off of you.

Now how would you feel knowing this vision will someday become your reality? The law of attraction is a powerful technique when used correctly.

You now have access to one of the most powerful forces in life. The subconscious mind will help you manifest all of your true desires.

Manifesting your ideal body with the knowledge you acquired is inevitable. Take the first step today and begin creating your perfect body.

You have all the tools you will need in order to succeed. Now you must take action and begin your journey.

The universe will provide you with all of the circumstances, people, food, and supplements you will need in order to succeed. You must believe you will achieve your goal without doubt or fear.

You will overcome any and all obstacles that you will encounter on your journey to a healthy and confident body. The power of the subconscious mind is an untapped resource.

With the help of your subconscious mind, you will have better habits that lead to your ultimate desire.

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