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The best party bus in Los Angeles really depends on how much fun you want to have! A party bus in Los Angeles is unlike any other.

Party buses can be used for many occasions, such as proms and birthdays. Perfect for big parties, party buses can hold up to 40 people! Expect nothing but nonstop fun!

Party buses in Los Angeles are the most luxurious and decently priced party on wheels imaginable.

If you don’t live in the Los Angeles areas that’s ok! Counties such as Orange, Riverside, and Ventura are covered by multiple party bus services.

With unlimited entertainment and nonstop excitement, party buses are a sure bet to a fun night on the town.

Party Bus Rentals Near Me

best party buses in Los Angeles

The party bus in Los Angeles can be an unforgettable memory filled with fun and entertainment. There are many types of party buses such as limo party buses, karaoke party buses,  and stretch hummer limos.

The party bus can be looked at as a party before the actual party! Setting the mood before a night out can make a huge difference.

Getting the vibe right before you hit the club is the only way to get your night going! The best party bus in Los Angeles should provide the following traits. 


Your comfort should be the top priority of the party bus. Getting to and from your destination in a safe and timely manner should be expected. During your night out, coordinating a way to and from the club can be frustrating.

By having a party bus, all of your friends are together, there is no risk for anybody to get a DUI and your drivers are trained professionals.



Finding The Best Party Bus in Los Angeles

how to find the best party bus in Los Angeles


How can it be a party bus without great entertainment? You should expect your party bus to have high-quality wifi, LCD TVs, a fully stocked bar, fog machines, video game systems, and LCD lights! Don’t forget about the state of the art sound system! 


While on a party bus you should expect nothing less but the utmost safety on your trip. Party buses come in all shapes and sizes and depending on your party you can order converted minivans and motor coach chassis.

Your party bus should be able to fit up to 14 or more people, including the driver. The rule UTC WAC 480-30-191 requires any party bus company to have insurance that covers over $1.5 million dollars.

The UTC also requires party bus companies to pass the following requirements:

  • Commercial driver’s license standards
  • Driving motor vehicles, including hours of service
  • Drug & alcohol testing programs
  • Preservation of records
  • Safety requirements for vehicles in operation, including parts, accessories, maintenance, and repairs

Now that you know what to expect from a party bus, it’s time to find the best companies and models of party buses.


Party Bus Rentals

What is the best party bus in Los Angeles

There are over 9,000 party bus rental companies in the state of California. So which do you know what to use? Here are a few things you should do before choosing a service.

 During your researching, you should consider the following topics:

  • The level of chauffeur training
  • Quality of the vehicles
  • Insurance
  • Do they meet basic qualifications 

By making sure the company offers verified information about these subjects, you are more likely to avoid being scammed.

Another safety precaution you should take is to check the operator’s license online. You can do this by checking the California Public Utilities Commission’s Transportation Carriers lookup application.

While searching for the information here are the subjects you should verify:

  • Carrier ID
  • Carrier status
  • Carrier name
  • Carrier phone
  • Carrier DBA
  • Contact name
  • Mailing and physical address
  • List of authorities for the carrier ID
  • List of insurance policies for the carrier


What Is The Best Party Bus In Los Angeles

how to have a fun night out

Now that you know what to look for while booking your party bus. It’s time to look for the best choice for your party bus experience.

The Los Angeles Party Bus

If you’re looking for luxury while you party, The Los Angeles Party Bus should be your 1st option! The Los Angeles Party Bus has been in business since 1994 and provides services to the Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura, and Riverside counties.

Their party buses are perfect for very large parties, perfect for bachelor parties, corporate parties, and weddings. 

The most important thing The Los Angeles Party has to offer is safety and entertainment. All of their drivers are required to pass all legal requirements and must provide proof of their driving experience. 

United Limousine & Charter

ULC Party buses are the top of the line for having a great night out on the town. They cover the Los Angles, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego counties. ULC specializes in casino trips, wine trips, ESPN parties, Hollywood trips, and prom parties.

If you were thinking of going to Las Vegas to gamble for the weekend, ULC provides the perfect bus for your trip. They offer overnight and weekend trips.

Their fleets are for groups of up to 34 people with a fully stocked bar station, a 44′ plasma TV with satellite cable and 2 wireless karaoke microphones. 

Here are more things you can expect using United Limousine & Charter:

  • Seats 2-34 passengers / couch style seating
  • Dancing pole (optional must request)
  • XBOX 360 with wireless controllers
  • Full bar area with sink and storage (21+ Over)
  • 42′ Plasma SVGA HD screen
  • 32′ Plasma monitor
  • 20′ LCD TV monitor
  • Two large ice buckets 
  • 4000 Watt stereo system
  • DVD / CD / CDR / MP3 players
  • I-POD station
  • XM satellite radio
  • Blinds for privacy
  • Laser – projector light show (optional)
  • Twin laser projection machines
  • Karaoke system with 2 microphones and over 2,000 songs
  • Rates start at $150.00 an hour


Best Party Bus

having fun going out

The Party Bus Group

The Party Bus Group is a top-notch choice for riding luxuriously at an affordable price. PBG offers its service to the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. The medium-sized party buses start at only $129 dollars an hour.

The service that puts PBG into its own class is the winery tours they offer. By picking either the Temecula valley or the Malibu hills your wine tasting experience will be filled with fun and relaxation.

Here are the choices of wineries that PBG offers:

  • Mount Palomar
  • Miramonte Winery 
  • Wilson Creek Winery & Vineyard
  • Oak Mountain Winery
  • Peltzer 
  • Ponte Winery
  • Falkener Winery
  • Avensole Winery
  • South Coast Winery Resort & Spa
  • Chapin Family Vineyards
  • Malibu Wines
  • Malibu Wine Safari

PBG works with the best restaurants and caterers in each area. You’ll be treated to not only the best wine in the area but the best lunch and dinner as well.


Best Party Bus Near Me

planning for a night out

Liv It Up Party Bus

If you’re a parent and had the honor (or duty) of providing your babies prom transportation, Liv It Up should be in consideration. The fleet Liv it up Party Bus provides is top of the line, housing parties of up to 32 people.

Prom will be your senior’s last dance and why not have them go out in style? 

Here is what to expect in the Liv It Up Party Bus:

  • IPOD Premium sound system
  • Audio CD / Bluetooth / AUX
  • LED lighting
  • Laser lighting
  • Acrylic lighting 
  • 18″ LED flat-screen monitors
  • USB charging ports
  • Tinted windows with privacy curtains
  • Smoke-free bus
  • CA permits – insured & licensed

Party Bus Line

Thinking of hitting the club tonight? Party Bus Line has you covered. The ultimate pre-party on wheels offers nothing nut luxury right before you hit the Hollywood nightclubs.

Party Bus Line specializes in arranging Hollywood club crawls that will take you to clubs such as Boulevard3, Playhouse, and The Colony.

With competitive pricing and highly trained drivers, your night on the town will be smoother and safer for your whole party.

You can expect your bus to be loaded with:

  • Mirrored ceilings
  • Dance floor and pole
  • Plasma TV
  • Whoopers
  • LCD Lighting
  • Cocktail drinks (must be 21+)
  • Fully stocked bar (must be 21+)

How To Find The Best Party Bus Service

Going out to the club

After going over the best Party bus services you’re now prepared for one of the most unforgettable nights out. A party bus is the perfect form of transportation for a night out.

There are many advantages to taking a party bus, like coordinating a group of people, not having to pay for parking, and more importantly getting to and from your destination safely.

Drinking and driving are never worth it, you’re better off being driven to and from your destination. The party bus will also be the best form of “pre-gaming” possible.

By setting the tone early in the night, there’s no way you can have a boring evening. With the endless entertainment and your friends present, you’re in-store or a fun night!

Whether you’re going to the club, going wine tasting, or going on a trip to Las Vegas, a party bus will get you there in style!

Life can get pretty hectic and once and a while you have to find some time to let loose and abandoned responsibilities.

With the best drivers available in each company covered in this article you’ll be in good hands regardless of who you choose to do business with!  

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