Online shopping vs in store shopping

Online shopping vs in store shopping which one is cheaper while shopping for women’s clothes? According to online shopping statistics over 69% of Americans have shopped online.

25% of Americans make a purchase online at least once a month. 59% of these purchases are fashion related. There is an on going debate whether buying clothes online is cheaper than buying in store.

Like anything else there are pros and cons to shopping online. Today were going to find out which one is better for purchasing clothes. Online shopping vs in store shopping the great debate begins!

Online Shopping vs In Store Shopping

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Shopping online and shopping in stores present advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of shopping online range from convenience, more control and no sales pressure.

The advantages of shopping in store can range from receiving your purchase on the spot, more variety, and less risk of fraud.

As stated earlier clothing is the best purchase you can possibly make online. Certain purchases like mattresses, books, groceries, & makeup.

What are your goals when it comes to shopping? Are you looking for speed or certainty?

Do you prefer talking to people and hanging out with your friends while you shop? Or would you rather just stay at home cozy and warm?

It’s literally up to who you are as a person. Which one feeds your need as a person and what are you trying to accomplish?


Are Prices For Clothes Cheaper Online?

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For the aspiring fashionistas, buying clothes can get expensive quickly. Is there a way to save money while looking fabulous?

There are actually stores that offer different prices online than their physical store. Plenty of companies do their best to cut costs by operating their stores online only.

Online clothes shopping is amazing for finding cheaper clothes because of the ability to buy past seasonal products. The majority of these items are being liquidated and need to be sold.

Another reason why shopping online can be cheaper is due to price comparison sites. These websites offer prices of the same product with lower prices.

A sales tactic often used is offering free shipping and in some states taxes are eliminated. Companies also like to offer online coupons and exclusive sales.

Now all of that sounds great, and you would think this makes shopping online the automatic winner.

However shopping in store has it’s advantages as well.

Are Prices For Clothes Cheaper Online?

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One advantage of shopping in a store is the fact you can touch and try on your clothes.

As you might know some companies clothes sizes run bigger or smaller than others. Being able to try on clothes before you buy saves time and headaches.

If you do make the mistake of buying the wrong size you can always return clothes the day you purchased them. No paying for postage or waiting required!

Making in store purchases can be easier due to being able to see the product exactly how it is. Sometimes picture quality online can make colors appear darker or lighter than in person.

The obvious reason shopping in person can be better is because you don’t have to wait to get your clothes! You make your purchase, and go home, the end!

In a First Insight report 71% of surveyed shoppers spent over $50 while shopping in physical stores. 

In store shoppers can also fall victim to impulse shopping. You’re more likely to add more clothes to your cart while still inside the shop.


Where To Find Cheaper Clothes

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Online shopping vs in store shopping won’t have a definite winner anytime soon, but there are stores you can buy amazing clothes for great prices.

Old Navy

The classic store that never goes out of style. Old Navy has always made quality clothes for a reasonable price.

Great prices and on going sales solidified Old Navy as a go to clothing store. You can always expect to find your size in all of their styles and one of the top cheap online clothing stores.

Old Navy offers free shipping for orders over $50.


The epicenter of online shopping in general, finding quality clothes for cheap can be very easy for shoppers.

The first rule for shopping for clothes on Amazon is knowing your measurements. Amazon carries thousands of clothing brands and each has different sizes.

The second rule is to read reviews in order to make an educated guess on what you’ll be receiving quality wise from the product.

For the fashionista who has a taste for luxury brands, finding them won’t be a problem on Amazon.  There are plenty of stores that carry high end brands for less than their actual physical stores.


Rosegal is a very trendy and affordable online clothing store. This company is based online and has no physical locations. Rosegal offers clothing for women, men, and children.

The prices Rosegal offers is what separates them from other online clothing stores. Items start from $5 to $50 and new customers receive a 15% off their first order. 

You receive free shipping when you order over $45 worth of products and are given 30 days to request a refund.

Pretty Little Thing

One of the “new kids” on the block, Pretty Little Thing holds their own in the online fashion space. Pretty Little Thing makes great quality clothes for an incredibly low price.

With tops ranging from $7 and dresses starting at $8 you can’t lose!


A shopping list wouldn’t be complete without Target. We know about the pricing and what this company has to offer. Target carries great clothes for everybody whether it be kids or adults you can’t go wrong while shopping at Target.

What Are The Best Cheap Online Clothing Stores?

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ASOS is a great place to buy cheap and basic clothes. Finding everyday pieces like t-shirts, jeans, and dresses are very easy to find.

A hidden gem this brand provides are the formal wear products. Made from high quality and very affordable prices, ASOS is perfect for finding special event clothes.


Founded in 2015 Newchic is a rapidly growing international company that offers the latest styles for really cheap prices. Newchic is one of the cheapest online clothing stores around.

Without sacrificing quality for cheaper prices, Newchic makes beautifully made clothes which will last for years.

For new customers, Newchic offers $60 dollars off any purchase of clothes, accessories, swimwear, dresses, or shoes.


YOINS was started in 2014 and is a worldwide leader in online clothing. YOINS has the better deals out of all the previous stores and offer a bigger selection in clothing styles.

YOINS concentrates on creating clothing that looks great and stays up to date with current styles. By shopping at YOINS you are guaranteed compliments and being asked “where did you get that?”.


The fashion leader H&M always offers high quality clothes for a great price, Even though this is a mainstream store H&M always delivers trendy seasonal clothes and stays up to date with all of the trends.

H&M’s customer service is quick and responsive, so if you accidentally order the wrong thing you’ll be in good hands!

Forever 21

Over 30 years in business, Forever 21 is a fashion powerhouse and with total justification. Forever 21 makes great clothing products and the best part for all shapes and sizes. 

You won’t have problems finding your size at Forever 21, this is one of the reasons why this 8 billion dollar business is thriving!

Fashion should be fun and expressive, but why should it cost you an arm and a leg? Just because something is expensive doesn’t necessarily mean something is nice.

Is Shopping Online Better Than Shopping In Stores?
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Even though there is no clear cut winner in this debate, it call comes down to preference. Would you rather have your clothes the minute you purchase them? 

Depending on how patient of a person you are, shopping in store can be better. Shopping online and shopping in stores both present advantages and disadvantages.

Shopping online might present better sales and can be more convenient. However you might have to pay for shipping and there is a higher chance of fraud.

Shopping in stores can offer unique products and you’re able to clearly make a better decision about purchasing your clothes. The downfall is you might be tricked into buying more clothes while standing in the store.

Online shopping vs traditional shopping shouldn’t be viewed as a battle but a form of strategy for fashionistas all over the world. If you’re unable to hit the mall you can always order something online.

Can’t wait two days, and don’t trust the pictures of that dress you’ve been eyeballing? Go to a store and see it in person instead. Brick and mortar stores won’t be going away anytime soon. But shopping online is really beginning to boom.

In conclusion there is no clear cut winner between online and offline shopping. Online shopping vs in store shopping, which strategy are you going to implement?

Shopping can be stress relieving for some, and for others can be the source of their stress. There is no right or wrong but you should definitely think about using one or the other.

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