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Searching For Your Soulmate

For the souls who are searching for the love of their life, one might pass through a karmic relationship in order to find their one true love.

Before you were born, you were destined to meet a person that will compliment your life and help you become the best version of yourself.

The first time meeting your soulmate will be a day you’ll never forget. The bond and connection you will feel are magnetic and unexplainable. Your karmic energy will be aligned on such a frequency, your souls will form an unbreakable union.

However, meeting your soulmate will not be without trial and error. Meeting your one true love will require you to grow and break bad habits, and learn lessons.

Going through karmic relationships reveals what kind of person you truly desire through pain, hardship, jealousy, and insecurity.


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What Is a Karmic Relationship?

A karmic relationship is a lesson we weren’t able to learn in our past lives.

The people who are sent to us during these relationships are meant to make our lives miserable in order to help you grow into the person you were meant to become.

Although this sounds painful, these lessons must be mastered in order to meet your true soulmate. You won’t be able to meet your soulmate until you become the version of yourself which attracts them into your life.

A karmic relationship will be fulfilling, joyful, and fun in the beginning. But this won’t last for long because of the habits you possess subconsciously.

Your partner in the karmic relationship will bring out character flaws that must be corrected. Often times your partner will display emotions of jealousy and insecurity which bring out unpleasant emotions in you.

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Karmic Loops & Patterns

Noticing you’re in a karmic relationship is tricky because of how great it will be in the beginning. Compatibility and attraction won’t be an issue but you will notice something just isn’t right.

The signs will be subtle but they may come in forms of jealousy, deceit, lying,  and anger. Strength and keeping a clear mind will be the keys to overcoming karmic relationships.

There will also be traits your partner contains that will be irresistible to you. Whether it’s their style or physical attributes, there is an emotion they tap into that you won’t be able to explain.

Remember, the point of karmic relationships is to help you learn lessons and break karmic patterns. You must make sure not to make the mistake of staying with your partner from a karmic relationship.

These people aren’t meant to stay in your life. Many people have settled to stay with their karmic love relationship partner, this mistake has caused millions of people to miss out on their true soul mate.

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Finding Your Soulmate

Finding your soulmate begins with the person you see in the mirror. Becoming the best version of yourself will signal to the universe that you’re ready for the love of your life.

Becoming the best version of yourself is the only way to attract your soulmate into your life. There are certain qualities you must develop within your personality to trigger certain events to happen.

Ending karmic relationships isn’t easy, they will bring plenty of growing pains. But these growing pains will reveal to you the areas in life you must improve in.

The sole purpose of karmic relationships is to teach you lessons you otherwise wouldn’t have considered correcting in your life.

The reason why you aren’t able to learn these lessons is because they aren’t as easily noticeable on a conscious level.

Finding out what karmic lessons life is trying to teach you depends on the patterns you must find within your life.

Do you notice you tend to attract jealous or clingy guys in your relationships? This often means you have an insecurity about yourself that must be taken care of.

There are faster ways to find these karmic loops within your life without the guesswork.

Contacting a spiritual guide will provide you with all the answers you need without the trial and error.

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Spiritual Guidance For Your Soulmate

Finding your soulmate will require a lot of work and a plan. Without proper guidance, you can be spending years of your life just trying to figure out what patterns you need to break.

A spiritual guide can take years off this process and can help you start resolving your problems within the first day of speaking with them.

The spiritual guide will dissect each aspect of your life and diagnose your karmic energy and loop patterns.

You will be given a plan that will help you end your karmic relationships, clear your karmic energy, discover your bad habits, how to attract your soulmate, and the date and place you will meet your soulmate.

You will know when you have found your soulmate, it will feel like you’ve known this person for years, each of your energies will synchronize instantly.

The feelings of love will spread like an uncontrollable wildfire, passion, and desire will flow all throughout your body. Meeting your soulmate is a once and a lifetime experience.

Millions of people around the world will never get a chance to meet their soulmate. You have the opportunity to meet the person you that was destined to love and be with you for the rest of your days.

Spiritual guides can lead you through all of the problems and obstacles you will face on your journey. The best part is you’ll know exactly what to do, and when to do it.

So what are you waiting for? Begin changing the path of your life today by breaking your bad habits and ending your karmic relationships.

Clearing Karmic Energy
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Clearing karmic energy must be done in order to attract your soulmate. Usually clearing your karmic energy field is done by correcting things you have done in the past.

There are many factors that will decide how to correct your karmic mistakes. As you get older you evolve as a person, during these evolving periods you grow extra masks.

The old mask gets covered by your new mask which can make it harder for you to correct bigger problems from the past.

If you decide to get assistance from a spiritual guide, they can help you find the self-awareness to help heal inner trauma that is causing you to attract karmic relationships.

The healing process begins by setting your intentions to one specific area in your life where your karmic energy is off-balanced and really effected.

Problems such as jealously and insecurity can be solved a lot quicker than problems with self-love. Meditation is an excellent way to calm the mind and really set your intention on a portion of your life you must fix.

Healing can take place physically as well. There are many things you can do to help you heal and correct your karmic energy field.

You can take a hike, get a massage, read a book, or meditate. These forms of healing can really help align you with a higher frequency.

Remain positive and you will overcome every obstacle you encounter on your journey.

Cleanse Your Chakras To Find Your Soulmate
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A common practice in karmic energy cleansing is to unblock your chakras. Unblocking your chakras can help cleanse karmic energy by releasing the negative blockages.

There are 7 chakras that are housed within your body. Each chakra has it’s own PowerPoint and color that relates to light.

The first chakra is named the root chakra, it’s represented by the color red and is located at the base of your spine. The only way to unblock this chakra is by physical contact.

You can tell your root chakra is blocked if you have feelings of being uneasy and unsettling.

The next chakra is named the sacral, this chakra is represented by the color orange and is located near the pelvis. You can tell this chakra is blocked by feeling less creative and a low sex drive.

In order to clear the sacral chakra, take a warm bath, or go swimming to open your flow.

The solar plexus chakra is represented by the color yellow and can be found in the center of the waist. Blockage signs include procrastination, lack of focus, lack of self-respect.

In order to cleanse this chakra find a warm environment while relaxing and doing meditation.

The heart chakra is represented by the color green and is located in your chest. You can tell this chakra is in a misalignment if you have feelings of isolation and loneliness.

In order to unblock the heart chakra, you must get fresh air, take a bike ride near the beach or take a car ride with the windows down.

The throat chakra is blue and is located in the center of your throat. If this chakra is blocked you will have difficulty telling the truth and standing up for yourself.

To unblock this chakra lay down outside and observe nature, go on a picnic or go lay out on the beach.

Your third-eye chakra is violet and is located in the center of your forehead. If this chakra is blocked you’ll notice your intuition isn’t accurate, you’re slow to react in situations, and your dreams aren’t clear.

The only way to clear this chakra is by meditating.

The last chakra is the crown chakra. The crown chakra is represented by the color violet and is located at the crown of your head. Symptoms of misalignment include feeling less and disconnected to higher a higher being or purpose.

The only way to unblock this chakra is by vibrational meditation.


How To Tell You Found Your Soulmate
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Finding your soulmate is an incredible opportunity for adventure, companionship, and love.

There are certain feelings you will get when you meet your soulmate. These traits will help you distinguish whether or not you have met the person you were destined to share life with.

The feeling of familiarity is one of the main traits your soulmate will make you feel. You might have met them that day, but that person will make you feel like you’ve known them forever.

Completion is another feeling you will have upon meeting your soulmate. It will feel like you have everything you’ll ever need or want.

Your soulmate will compliment your flaws and connect with you on an emotional level that other people aren’t able to do. They will be there for you no matter what may happen in this crazy life.

A soulmate will always support your lifestyle and goals, they are on the same path as you and understand your trials and tribulations.

Finding your way through life with somebody who understands where you’ve been and where you’re trying to go is valuable, millions of people will never get that chance.

Soulmates will listen to your problems without getting upset or passing judgement about the situation. You’ll be able to tell them anything and they will respect you so much that differences in opinions won’t matter.

The passion you will feel together will be unreal. Making love with them will put you in a state of nirvana and absolute bliss. The love you will feel for one another will be unconditional and irreplaceable.

A partnership isn’t easy to come by, you should never one for granted. Your soul mate will never take you or your time for granted. They will love and cherish every second of the time you spend together.

Making each other happy will be second nature for you and your soulmate. Keeping each other safe and secure will also be a top priority for your soulmate.

A connection is the ultimate personality trait for any relationship but the one you feel with your soulmate is unreal. It will seem like they always know what to do say to make you happy. 

The connection between you and your soulmate will be unbreakable and inseparable. It will feel like time slows down and everything in the world is perfect when you two are together. 

It will feel like it’s you two against the world on the adventures that life has in store for you. There is nothing you two can’t accomplish while you’re together.

Your soulmate is closer than you expect and is waiting for you to bring them into your life. The universe will provide you with your soulmate when you’re ready to receive them.

Remember, meeting your soulmate is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t miss out on an unbreakable love.