is he attracted to me tarot

Is he thinking about me tarot cards can reveal a lot about how a man really feels about you? There are many other spreads that can reveal your fate with your current fling.

Asking the tarot what he feels for you can be nerve-racking and worthy of a panic attack. Let’s face it men are very complicated creatures, you never really know how they feel.

If you are unsure of a certain guy in your life, is he thinking about me tarot cards can reveal to you if he is worth giving your time to?

Men are unpredictable and can be horrible at expressing themselves. Gain the upper hand by learning how to ask guidance from the spirit world. 

Beginners to tarot card reading can learn these basic spreads quickly, then you’ll be able to make a better decision about that guy who you aren’t sure of.

The beginner tarot spreads are basic and don’t go into as much depth, as you get better you will develop a sense of unity with the spirit world.

Is the guy you’ve been thinking about acting distant or cold? Most of the time that shows a man has not decided what he wants out of the relationship.

Allowing a man to gather his emotions and thoughts can pay off for you if done correctly, by using the guidance from the love spreads you’ll know exactly what to do and how to act.

One rule of thumb is to let him reach out to you first if it’s been a couple of days since the last time you guys hung out. 

Men enjoy a challenge and this even allows you to gather yourself emotionally and really search deep if you even want a relationship with him.

Is he thinking about me tarot cards or the “love spread” is going to bring all of these issues to the surface. What really helps is the perspective of the spirits.

The reading will be of your doing but the results won’t be, which can really bring an interesting angle to your choices. You’ll also gain wisdom and understanding from forces that are greater than yourself.

By learning more about yourself you will learn more about men. Although this won’t be an easy task it will be worth it in the end.

The is he thinking about me tarot cards can reveal the answers you’ve been yearning for.

Is he thinking about me tarot cards? The love spread will reveal all the answers to you if used correctly. You might be surprised by the answers. 

Is He Thinking About Me Tarot Cards​

Reading men can be very difficult and confusing, but in order to find out if he truly likes you, there are certain tarot card spreads that can help you.

In order to read tarot cards for your current possible love situation, you must know how to get a correct reading from the cards.

Principle 1: Know What Kind Of Relationship Reading You Truly Want

Knowing what you want is a huge factor in reading tarot cards, if you go in blindly you’ll get an inaccurate reading.

Do you want to see the past or the future? Are you searching for answers in the present? Maybe you have something in your past that is preventing you to move forward into the future?

By knowing exactly what kind of experience you want increases accuracy within the spread.

Principle 2: Go Into The Reading With a Clear Mind

By going into a tarot reading with a clear mind you’ll more than likely draw cards that are more grounded in reality. 

If you are insecure about where you stand with your current love interest, you project those same insecurities onto your cards. This behavior can leak into other parts of your life as well.

Don’t even think about reading your cards if you are in a state of anxiety, stress, or fear. Take a long walk, meditate, or watch some TV, just do something to reset and free your mind from clutter. 

Principle 3: Don’t Pull More Than 3 Cards For Your Own Readings

As you might know, you don’t always get what you want in life. The same concept applies to the spirit realm. You might not get the answer you were quite looking for.

Sometimes the have to decode the messages being delivered to you. If you are new to a tarot reading, pulling multiple cards can dilute and clutter your message. Steer clear of pulling more than 3 cards at once.

Another rule of thumb is to not shuffle the cards in order to answer a second question. By bombarding the spirits with too many questions can lead to disappointing results.

Principle 4: You Aren’t a Prisoner of Fate

If you weren’t a fan of the results you received from your reading, don’t worry! You can look for advice and counseling in another set of cards. 

Reversed cards can show you different areas of your life that you may have healed or need to be worked on. For example, personality cards can reveal the different traits you need for your relationship to survive.

Remember that the universe has many ways of teaching us, although sometimes harsh, it is necessary for us to grow.

Going through these downtimes are essential to the growth of your soul.

In order to become stronger, you must go through things that are painful and dull. But going through these times is what builds your character as a woman.

Create the life you truly desire by using the  Is he thinking about me tarot card spread, get the life you want now.

Life is your experience, you deserve to experience the love you were destined to feel.

Is he thinking about me tarot cards spread is the perfect way to find out what move to make next while dating and getting to know that new person in your life.

Make the connection process go faster and learn the lesson the higher power is trying to tell you. Listen to the clues and your intuition, that’s how you know the universe is communicating with you. 

Is He Attracted to Me Tarot

Now that you have the principles of tarot card reading, let’s put it to use! We are now going to discuss how to set up and use your love tarot spread.

How To Use The Is He Thinking Of Me Tarot Cards (Spread Of Love)

The spread we are covering today revolves around the romantic relationships in your life. The spreads will range from beginner-friendly to the advanced levels.

The 3  Card Relationship Spread

This is the basic formation of all tarot spreads. Recommended for quick readings of the relationship dynamics between 2 people.

After shuffling your cards, put your focus on your questions. Lay the first card to the left, the next on the right, and then the third card in the middle.

The first card represents you, what is your role in the relationship? How do you see yourself within the relationship, and how do your actions affect the relationship.

The second card represents your lover, what is the role in the relationship? How do you see your partner? And how do they affect you in the relationship?

The third card represents the dynamics within your relationship. How would you describe your relationship and the characteristics within it?

The 5 Card Cross Relationship Spread

Think of this formation as the upgraded 3 card spread. Place the extra 2 cards on the top and the bottom of the spread.

The extra cards will provide more details in your reading such as time developed in your relationship and how to take your relationship forward.

The first card represents your role within the relationship or partnership.

The second card represents your lover or partner’s role within the relationship.

The third card represents your relationships past foundation. How did you two meet and how did you two get together?

The fourth card represents the present status of your relationship, what are the dynamics within the relationship?

The final card represents the future of your relationship. Where is the relationship going? How can you develop the relationship together? 

The future holds many twists and turns. With this tarot spread, you’ll be 2 steps ahead of the natural process.

The beauty of life is that you can create a future that is in your vision, and create a reality that truly brings passion to you.


Does He Think About Me Tarot Spread?

Compatibility Relationship Spread

The final spread you will be learning about is called the “Compatibility Relationship Spread”.

Place the first card in a corner on your left-hand side. Next, place the second card in a corner to the right.

The third card goes into a corner on the bottom of card number one. The fourth card goes below card number two on the right-hand side in the corner.

Place the fifth card in the middle of the spread, while placing card number six below the fifth card. Place the seventh and final card below card number six.

This tarot spread is dedicated strictly to the dynamics between two partners or lovers while analyzing the relationship as a whole.

Card number 1 represents your wants. What are you looking for in a relationship? What are your values that makeup “success” in your relationship?

Card 2 represents your lover or partner’s wants. What does your partner or lover expect from you in the relationship? What do they need to do for you guys to be successful as a couple?

Card 3 represents your differences. What part of your lives doesn’t mesh well? What parts of your life will you need to compromise in order to be successful?

Card number 4 represents your similarities. What parts of your lives match each other’s desires? What unites you two as a couple?

Card number 5 represents emotional compatibility. Are your emotions in the same place as your lovers?

Card number 6 represents physical compatibility. How would you describe your physical relationship with each other?

The last card represents your mental compatibility. Do you find each other mentally stimulating?

Finding out what he truly feels about you will become obvious and clear after the tarot reveals the truth to you.

Gain the clarity and the vision of what emotions your partner truly feels.

Why take up more time by learning through trial and error? Make the connection of a lifetime today without guessing and wondering.

Gaining peace of mind is one of the requirements your personality will need in order to attract the true love of your life. Becoming complete as a person is one of the most attractive traits a partner has.

Does He Really Love You?

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