how to start doing eyelash extensions at home

How to start an eyelash business, a step by step guide to starting your own eyelash business. Becoming a lash extension technician has huge benefits and can help you earn the big bucks every month!

In order to become an official eyelash technician, you must become a certified esthetician or cosmetologist.

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How To Start Your Own Eye Lash Technician Business

For the ladies who are looking for information on how to start an eyelash business, your first stop is beauty school.

In order to enroll in beauty school you must be at least 16 years old and some states do require you to have your high school diploma or GED.

Another frequently asked question is how long is a beauty school program for eyelashes?

According to, there are 3 important factors that will determine how long your course will be. 

These 3 factors are: which program you enroll in, your states required hours and whether you go full time or part-time.

The national cosmetology hours average around 1500 to 2100 hours of hands-on training. 

For estheticians, you will be required to do anywhere from 300 to 1500 hours of training.

How long you must train will depend on the requirements by the state licensing board. 

Many cosmetology programs can be completed within 6 months to 2 years depending on how dedicated you are to finishing.

Esthetician courses can cost between $3,000 to $5,000 dollars which is far cheaper than any four-year university.

Upon completion of your course, you will be eligible to work in industries such as:

  • Film & television
  • Advertisement
  • Modeling
  • Special events

Working in any of those fields will be worth the money and time for the completion of your eyelash extension training program.

How To Start Eyelash Extension Business At Home

If you are leaning more towards the entrepreneur route on how to start an eyelash business, there is serious potential to make over $8,000 dollars a month.

If you charge $200 dollars and service 5 people throughout the week that would be $1,000 dollars! Creating a strong brand and developing a smart marketing plan will be the key to your success.

Establishing a trustworthy brand will be crucial to your business’s success. Creating a trustworthy brand is more than just having a beautiful logo.

Creating a trustworthy brand is delivering a high-quality product, interacting with your customers & solving problems. 

Customers want to buy things from people they trust. Earning the trust of your customers should be your 1st priority.

Marketing and promoting should be the 2nd priority of your eyelash business. 

If people are unaware of your company how are you going to make any money?

Advertising and marketing can be done in multiple ways, paying for advertising is faster than if you were to promote organically via social media.

Promoting on social media and search engines is harder and slower but if done correctly can help you establish a strong relationship with your customers.

Promoting on social media is a great way to advertise your home eyelash business for free. YouTube, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest are perfect for promoting your lash technician business.

Starting a Lash Business

eyelash extension training for beginners

Starting your lash business will take hard word and dedication but it’s totally possible to become your own boss! When looking for your first client it is best to work on people you know.

Family members and close friends won’t mind helping you gain experience and getting their eyelashes done by you. 

Next start asking your family and friends for recommendations for your next set of clients.

Now that you created a network you should be able to capture a few retainer clients. 

These customers will come back all the time so be sure to take care of them by offering specials.

Now let’s cover payment options from your clients, this is completely your choice. 

You can accept payments by cash, checks, direct deposits or cash apps such as Venmo.

Another thing you must consider are the locations you are going to cover, targeting the right location will be crucial to your eyelash business. Creating a google my business will definitely increase your coverage.

Appearing in Google can bring you hundreds of customers a month, ranking for keywords such as “eyelashes near me” or “eyelashes in Long Beach” can be huge for your lash business.

Eyelash Extension Tutorial For Beginners

Having a skill set that will separate you from the crowd will be the fundamental foundation of your lash business. 

How to start an eyelash business, is one thing but having a successful business is another.

If you are looking for a successful eyelash home business to model, check out the Instagram page that belongs to Instalashed. Their customer base is 100% organic and the quality of the eyelash extensions are amazing.

Having high-quality work is absolutely necessary. There will be no gimmicks or techniques that can cover up bad work. 

Having the fundamentals of making gorgeous locks and lashes must be studied.

The art form of applying jaw-dropping lashes can be tricky, you must be very precise and patient. 

Selecting the right type of fiber is important, there are many types you can choose from.

There are faux-minx lashes, Russian lashes, synthetic lashes, traditional lashes, and silk diamond lashes.

Since there is no right or wrong way of picking the fiber, it all depends on your preferences and your client’s style. 

You can also blend the fibers of your eyelash extensions. A very popular blend that is commonly used in beauty salons consists of synthetic & silk fibers.

You will be applying strong adhesives to keep the eyelashes in place so precision and accuracy are important. 

In order to make sure your glue is strong, take 15-20 lashes and apply the glue to them as a test.

If your client’s eyelashes stood in place and their eyes reacted positively, apply the full set immediately. A good set of eyelashes should last up to 3 weeks.

Eyelash Extension Tutorial For Beginners
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Now that you know how to start an eyelash business, here is a basic break down of the steps required to apply eyelash extensions. For more great lash tutorials check out Lola Kolva’s YouTube channel! 

Step 1: Apply Eye Patches

Apply to the lower part of the eye, The sticker should be over the natural lashes. The lashes should be 3-4 millimeters from the lower lash line.

Be sure to seal without any gaps.

Step 2: Picking The Lash Extensions

While using feather lashes or mink lashes try using 3 different lengths that range between 8mm to 14mm.

Use 8mm lash extensions for the internal corners from the eye.

It’s important to use 8mm or 14mm  eyelash extensions through the eye to make a thick lash line.

For a natural look use 0.15mm in thickness and B or C lash extensions. 

Step 3: Picking The Individual Eyelashes

You are going to spread lashes individually, choosing the correct extension for each. Every extension should be at a 90-degree angle while using a pair of straight tweezers.

Step 4: Apply Glue To The Lashes

Holding the extension from the tapered end, dip the extension into your adhesive. Be sure to choose a strong adhesive.

The longer your extensions last the happier your customers will be. Make sure to apply enough adhesive to the base of the extension. Swipe off the excess glue before you begin applying the lashes onto your client.

Step 5: Isolating The Lashes

Begin to isolate the natural lashes using a set of curved tweezers. Begin to swipe the extension together with the natural lashes. Cover the natural eyelash with glue from the base to the tip without gaps in the glue.

Spread the lash glue until the lashes are smooth.

Step 6: Setting The Lashes

Now that you swiped the natural lash with glue, set the extension on the natural eyelash 1mm from the eyelid. Make sure to release the single extension on to the normal lash.

The lashes should be facing upward and parallel to the other lashes. Don’t touch the lash extensions after you put them on.

Keep moving to another part of the eye and repeat the previous step to each individual lash. You’ll know when you’re done because it will get hard to isolate the real eyelashes.

Step 7: Separating The Lashes

If everything was done properly no lash extension should stick to any of the natural eyelashes. Use a set of lash tweezers to separate any extensions that might be stuck if you need to.

Using the horizontal method, grasp and separate each lash. This can be done easily once the glue is all try. Don’t pull any lashes vertically through the natural eyelashes. 

Step 8: Drying The Eyelash Adhesive

With the eyelash extensions bonded tightly, it’s time to dry them out. The drying will be 3 to 5 minutes, in between waiting to use a mist of distilled water. After another 3 minutes of drying do the last round of lash separation.

Eyelash Extension Advice For Beginners
beginner eyelashes

Being an eyelash technician requires patience, accuracy & responsibility. But more than that you are helping women create the expression of beauty.

Providing a service as valuable as this will be gratifying and is definitely going to help you pay the bills.  You will be building relationships with all kinds of people.

You never know what kind of new opportunities will be in store for you. Taking care of your clients will take you a long way and will help you build your reputation.

Going over and beyond for your clients will not only earn you referrals but you’ll be building a work ethic that will separate you from your competition.

There will never be a substitution from hard work, but why not make that work enjoyable?

Let’s handle the business side of becoming a lash technician. You might be wondering how much to charge for your services, and that’s a great question to be asking!

Depending on your experience level you can charge anywhere from $100 to $400 dollars per session. There are certain ways to get higher-paying clients.

One way to get higher-paying clients is to get the attention of celebrities and social media influencers. This task won’t be easy but if you’re able to get their attention that can be massive for your business.

Another way you can make extra money is to get sponsorship from a company or earn a partnership. Becoming a partner with a big company can bring big-time clients you usually wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

You can also offer training for new technicians. Depending on how much experience and tips you have you can charge anywhere from $200 to $700 dollars.

Developing beginner courses is a great way to earn extra income and can help you build a passive income stream if done correctly. Make sure to remind new technicians they must have their license to participate.

Social media is a tool that you should be taking advantage of. If you build a following that trusts and admires you there are multiple ways to generate income.

By creating a successful Instagram you can promote other people’s products or create your own merchandise. If you’re able to create a huge Instagram following you can charge people for advertisements as well.

Advertisement on the internet is important for your business to grow in this day and age. Having a positive reputation online is crucial to your success and should be taken very seriously. 

Taking advantage of Google Business should be a priority as well. If your business is not seen on google you could be losing thousands of dollars a month.

Starting a Yelp is another way to take advantage of social media which can really boost your sales. By offering specials on Yelp you can increase your traffic through word of mouth which is the strongest form of advertisement.

Facebook is a great tool for advertisement and can be very cheap to run ads on. Facebook offers a great tool called a Facebook pixel and it helps target your ideal client. Use Facebook for promotions and specials.

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