how to contour round face for beginners

How to contour round faces for beginners, a complete guide on highlighting and contouring your face.

This is literally the only guide you’ll ever need to learn how to contour your face. This guide is strictly for contouring for round faces, I will release another guide on other face types soon!

Let’s face it, (pun intended) putting on makeup can be tough! That might be the reason why you’re reading how to contour round faces for beginners obviously!

Today we will be focusing on how to apply contour for round-faced beauties.

This beginner’s tutorial will show you step by step on how to apply contour with powder & liquid foundations.

Now, remember ladies beauty comes from within! Let’s radiate our confidence through our makeup!

For those who have absolutely no idea how to apply contour or even what it does, this tutorial is for you!

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What Is Contour And How Does It Work?

How to contour a round face with powder

So what exactly does contour do you might be wondering?

Contouring is a makeup technique that helps with defining your facial structure.

Adding contour brings out more angles to create a slim, angular face.

Without contour your face looks wider, so with contour, your cheekbones appear slimmer.

Now that you understand why you need contour, let’s teach you how to put it on!

Applying Contour With Powder For Round Faces

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Now let’s get to work! With a round face, you want to create a heart-like shape with your contour.

You want your face to appear it’s slimmest by the chin and the widest by your cheekbones.

The goal is to create angles and dimensions coming from all directions from your face.

These are the main areas you will be applying contour to:

  • The upper & outer forehead area at your hairline
  • Your temples
  • The far edges of your jawlines
  • Under your cheekbones

You are going to need a bronzer and powder foundation.

These need to be 1 to 2 shades darker than your actual skin tone.

Note: Always put your foundation on before contouring your face!

Phase 1:

• Highlight the high points of your face. Make an “X” in the middle of your forehead, then create a line down to your nose.

• Next you are going to make an “X” on your chin, and create two “V’s” under your eyes.

Phase 2:

• Next you are going to choose a contour color, make sure it’s a shade darker than your actual complexion.

• Use the angled side of your brush to apply the contour onto your cheeks.

• Now you are going to add contour to your jawline, forehead and along your hairline.

Phase 3:

• Final step, add a translucent powder by pressing it onto your face. Be gentle and make sure not to wipe off your makeup

• Add the translucent powder to your “T-Zone” which is your forehead, nose & chin.

• And finally the areas underneath your eyes. This area tends to get the oiliest throughout the day.

Applying Liquid Contour For Round Faces

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If you are interested in using a liquid foundation instead of a powder, this portion of the guide is for you!

The tools you will need for this portion:

  1. Liquid foundation
  2. Liquid concealer & foundation
  3. Setting powder
  4. Blush
  5. Foundation brush or sponge
  6. Concealer brush

Now that you have all of your equipment ready ladies, let’s get down to business!

Phase 1 :

  • First, you are going to clean and moisturize your face.
  • Next, you are going to apply the foundation all over your face using your brush or sponge.

Phase 2 :

  • Apply your concealer with your brush or sponge to your “T-Zone”.
  • These areas include your hairline, the center of your nose, the middle of your chin, and your upper lip.
  • Next, apply your concealer to your cheekbones and above your jawline.

Phase 3:

  • Use your brush or sponge to blend your makeup until there are no more visible lines.

Phase 4:

  • Take your contour and apply it to your nose, under your cheekbones and your hairline.

Phase 5:

  • For the final step, apply finishing powder to your face to keep your makeup in place!

Now you’ve got the full rundown on how to apply contour.

So now it’s time to put your new knowledge to the test!

Don’t wait for another second and create the perfect look that was only meant for you.

Create A Simple Look In Only 10 Minutes

contour for round faces

What would a guide for how to contour round faces for beginners be without giving you a way to show your new powers off?

Learning how to put on your makeup is completely up to you, this is your work of art.

Today you are going to learn how to create a simple look you can use daily.

It’s hard being a woman as it is, and some days will be harder than others.

If you are running low on time and want to look presentable in a reasonable amount of time, this is how you can do it!

Step 1: Moisturize and apply primer to your face

Moisturizing your face before adding your makeup helps keep it in place.

This makes your makeup appear less “cakey” and gives you a more natural look.

Step 2: Darken your eyebrows 

A lot of people will concentrate on their eye-shadow, which is perfectly fine!

But if you want to go against the norm filling in your eyebrows has its benefits.

If you are low on time doing your eyebrows can give you a complete look using less makeup.

Use a pencil to fill in any areas where the hair is missing, next use a pomade to define your brows.

Step 3: Use Foundation 

For this look, you will only need to apply to areas where you would like to even it out.

Start at the center of your face, starting at the areas around your nose.

Next, you are going to apply foundation around your eyes and forehead.

The final place will be around the jawline, keep this area as light as possible.

Step 4: Apply Concealer 

The easiest way to layer concealer is to use foundation first.

This blend makes it possible for everything to stick without making a mess.

Use a shade of color that is a bit lighter than your foundation to give yourself a natural look.

Step 5: Apply your eye-shadow 

Pick only 1 shade that coordinates with your outfit or attitude of the day!

Color the crease of your eye with a shade of color you desire and you’re done!

Step 6: Add your eye-liner

Use a pencil to outline your waterline.

This is the area underneath your eyelashes.

For the top of your eyelid use a stiff angled eyeliner brush for a natural-looking blend.

Step 7: Add blush to your cheeks

For a natural look, adding a colorful blush is the way to go.

First, you are going to use a setting powder under your eyes.

This is to set your concealer causing your makeup to blend naturally.

Step 8: Add Highlighter

Start with a liquid or cream-based highlighter on your cheekbones, eyebrow bones, & your nose.

Step 9: Apply Contour

Now, this is going against the grain but for this look, we are putting on the contour last.

Apply the contour to your cheeks, forehead, & nose.

Use an angled brush to blend everything together.

Step 10: Put on your lipstick

First, apply lip liner to your entire lip. This helps your lipstick last longer.

Next, add a layer of matte lipstick which blends with your lip liner.

Then put on lipstick color that blends with your lip liner shade.

Step 11: Set your face with setting powder or spray

For this step, you can apply one or the other. You can even apply both if you want to go all out!

You must apply either of these to the “T-zone” area and underneath your eyes.

Step 12: Put on your mascara 

This is the final step! Apply to your eyelashes and you’re ready to go!

Remember ladies beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Be proud and confident of the person you see in the mirror.

I hope this full guide on how To contour round faces for beginners helped you. We expect you to apply your new knowledge and create the perfect look today!

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