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Irish Sea Moss – The Super Food For a Hot Body & Mind

Organic Sea Moss

There’s a new weight-loss superfood that’s breaking onto the scene named Irish sea moss, and deciding how much sea moss to take daily can drastically improve your weight loss results. 

Irish sea moss or Carrageenan can be found along the coastlines of the Atlantic in Europe and the Pacific North in America.

Carrageenan is an algae that is beginning to find popularity within the health community in the United States. Irish Moss varies in color ranging from green, yellow, red, purple, and brown.

Red sea moss can be found in products such as milk, salad dressing, and baby formula. Knowing how much sea moss to take daily can aid your body with certain ailments such as mucus buildup and respiratory issues.

Although the use of Irish sea moss is gaining mainstream popularity in America as of late, red sea moss has been used in Jamaica, Ireland, and Scotland for health benefits for centuries.

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Irish Sea Moss Benefits

Irish moss has many health benefits that make these special algae a high demand product. Carrageenan is loaded with vitamins B2, B9, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and iodine.

When turned into a gelatin state, Irish sea moss can relieve your digestive tract and helps suppress hunger cravings. Loaded with fiber, red sea moss is ideal in helping you go to the bathroom!

Sea moss contains nutrients that help boost your immune system such as zinc, iron, and magnesium. Irish moss is loaded with antioxidants that help rid the body of free radicals.

Getting rid of these free radicals prevent you from developing problems such as diabetes and cancer.

People with high cholesterol levels can lower their blood cholesterol by using Carrageenan. This can prevent cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure and stroke from occurring.

Treatment of the common flu and cold can be found within the antibodies Irish sea moss contains. Popular nasal sprays use sea moss as one of the primary ingredients.

Within red sea moss, there are minerals that contain potassium which promotes healthy body functions. Potassium can help relieve agitation, moodiness, and anxiety. 

If you’re in need of extra energy throughout your day, Irish moss helps the body accelerate the breakdown of food for nutrients. This is what will give you an extra boost of energy.

Weight Loss Benefits And Irish Sea Moss

Did you know new dieters end up quitting their diet on the second week 90% of the time?

The food you eat during your diet will determine the success of your weight loss goals more than physical exercise.

Instead of treating a diet as a phase, think of it as a new way of living.

High traces of iodine have been found in seaweed in 1811, metal is an important element that your thyroid needs to regulate your metabolism.

A lack of iodine in your body can cause problems such as fatigue, depression, and swollen thyroid glands. Weight gain should be expected if your thyroid glands aren’t working properly. 

For those who have problems with binge eating or emotional eating, Irish sea moss can help suppress intense hunger cravings.

While ingesting Irish sea moss, your body creates a gel that creates a stomach acid that helps your body feel full for a longer time. This gel has the potential to help your body burn up to 170 calories.

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Dieting & Weight Loss

Losing weight is one of the hardest things to successfully do. There will be many obstacles on your path to a slim and sexy body.

Adding Irish moss to your diet can really help you with curving your appetite. There are a couple of ways you can add Carrageenan to your diet.

Creating meals with sea moss is easy and tasty. Although Irish moss has no taste, you can still create tasty recipes and meals such as:

  • Cakes
  • Juices
  • Smoothies
  • Pie
  • Icecream
  • Stews/Soup
  • Salad
  • Bread
  • Tea
  • Pudding

Irish sea moss as an ingredient is a thickening agent. You can use it to replace certain ingredients. By turning Irish sea moss into a gelatin form you can create smoothies and milk.

How to prepare Carrageenan:

Step 1 – Place Irish moss into a bowl filled with cold water, afterwards put the bowl into your refrigerator.

Step 2 – Let the sea moss hydrate overnight within the bowl, allow the water to be absorbed by the sea moss, cover and let sit.

Step 3 – The next morning put the sea moss into a blender with 1 cup of water per ounce of sea moss.

Step 4 – Blend until you create a gelatin substance, you can use immediately afterward or you can store for 3 weeks.

Irish sea moss is loaded with 92 minerals out of 102 that are found within the human body.

Some of these vitamins and minerals include:

  • Calcium
  • Folgate
  • Sulfur
  • Iron
  • Iodine
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin G
  • Vitamin K
  • Manganese
  • Silicon
  • Sodium
  • Fiber

Irish sea moss contains a high amount of fiber, this helps clear your digestive tract while keeping you feeling full longer.

Knowing how much sea moss to take daily can keep your metabolism and thyroid glands working at optimal levels. With the extra boost for your metabolism, it will be a little easier to burn fat.

Since your metabolism will be working at a faster rate, fat comes off quicker. While this is happening you won’t be as hungry in between meals. 


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If you’re a new dieter, selecting a diet that will compliment your lifestyle is very important. What you put in your body will determine if you lose 1 pound or 2 pounds every other week.

Staying consistent with your diet isn’t an easy task but with Irish sea moss, you can really accelerate your progress. Balancing how much sea moss to take daily is simple and should be done in order to get the best results.

By adding Irish sea moss to your diet, you’ll be burning calories and staying full longer in between meals. This is perfect for those who are constantly on the go or for people who are having trouble controlling their eating habits.

If you’re new to dieting and don’t know where to start, you should try starting a simple CICO diet. CICO stands for “calories in, calories out”. 

This means you will concentrate on burning more calories than you consume. The South Beach Diet is also a very popular choice for first-time dieters.

The 3-day diet is an excellent choice for starting an easy dieting plan that will deliver fast results. By following this plan you are expected to lose up to 10 pounds in only 3 days.

You’re only allowed 870 calories for three days and adding Irish sea moss to your meals will help keep your calorie count lower while making you keeping you full for longer.

Easy Diet Plans

A very common dieting guideline is to stay within 1500 calories. Following this meal plan, you will include fiber-rich carbs, healthy fats, and proteins.

Using Irish sea moss in smoothies, teas, and salads will keep your metabolism firing and add nutritional value to any of your meals. Staying at 1500 calories will be much easier while consuming Irish sea moss.

By using sea moss in your salads as garnishing, your body will get an extra boost of energy for your workouts or if you’re very busy throughout the day.

You won’t have to worry too much about how much sea moss to take daily when it comes to garnishing your food.

Here are a few meals you can eat daily to get your diet started:

Day 1

Breakfast – Full plain yogurt with a banana or an apple

Lunch – Ceasar chicken salad (without dressing) 

Snack – Celery sticks with a side of plain nuts

Dinner – Albacore Tuna salad (without dressing)

Day 2

Breakfast – Oats with a side of yogurt

Lunch – Shrimp salad with a side of plums

Snack – Apple with peanut butter

Dinner – Grilled chicken with a side of sweet potato

Day 3

Breakfast – Kale, spinach, and Irish sea moss smoothie

Lunch – Kale salad with grilled chicken

Snack – Carrot sticks

Dinner – Kale farro salad

Day 4

Breakfast – Tomato toast

Lunch – Lentil wrap with spicy Tahini sauce

Snack – 1 Orange

Dinner – Chicken thighs & spinach

Day 5

Breakfast – Avocado egg toast 

Lunch – Carrot Quinoa salad with almonds

Snack –  1 Banana

Dinner – Spinach quesadillas

Day 6

Breakfast – Peanut butter smoothie with Irish sea moss

Lunch – Vegan curry tofu cashew salad

Snack – 1 Apple

Dinner – Pesto vegetable pizza 

Day 7

Breakfast – Quinoa fruit salad

Lunch – Avocado Sandwich 

Snack – 1 bowl of cashews

Dinner – Grilled steak fajitas 

Why You Should Use Sea Moss For Weight Loss

Portioning how much sea moss to take daily will depend on the dieting plan you choose. No matter what diet plan you decide to pick, you have a secret weapon at your disposal.

Burning extra fat will be way easier with your metabolism boost and thyroid regulator. You won’t be as hungry which is going to contribute to your calorie count. 

Adding Irish sea moss to your meals is easy and the best part is it’s tasteless. You’ll forget it’s in any of your food but it’s going to help lose extra weight every month.

By adding Carrageenan to your diet, you can expect to lose up to 2 extra pounds per month. The best way to accomplish this successfully is by exercising daily.

Eating clean is the majority of the hard work, but exercising daily will really increase your chances of successfully losing weight every month.

Here are a few workout routines for beginners:

The superman pose – This exercise improves posture and relieves neck and back pain. 

Modified pushups – Alternative pushups that target your chest, arms, and shoulders.

Assisted squats –  Alternative squats that target your thighs, hips, legs, and butt.

Run in place –  Cardio workout for stamina, do 3 sets for 60 seconds.

Sumo squats – Squatting movement that targets your legs, do 3 sets for 60 seconds.

Mountain climbers – A great core workout that targets your lower abdominal section. Do 3 sets for 60 seconds.

Planks – Another great core workout that targets your abdominal area. Do 3 sets for 60 seconds.

With these workouts, dieting plans, and Irish sea moss, you can expect to have a sexy slim body sooner than others. Get started today and get the body of your dreams!  

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