cucumber juice for weight loss

Cucumber and Apple Juice for Weight Loss

Does cucumber and apple juice for weight loss really work? There is strong evidence that proves this odd couple can indeed help you lose weight.

Although these two healthy foods are great for dieting, you don’t usually think of them as a “weight loss supplement”. But this can be far from the truth!

Cucumber and apple juice for weight loss is considered to be a “secret” within the dieting community. This awkward sounding combination is loaded with nutritional value and even helps your skin!

Using cucumber and apple juice for weight loss with a standard CICO diet can help you drop weight at a fast yet safe rate. Cucumber juice is already known to contain properties that can assist with keeping hunger in check.

The “secret sauce” comes from the pairing of apples with cucumber. Together they create an enzyme that helps speed up your metabolism.

cucumber and apple juice benefits

Cucumber and Apple Juice Benefits

Dieting takes dedication, strategy, and consistency.  Losing weight is one of the hardest tasks that anybody can take on. Why not take advantage of any tool or trick that you can?

New dieters are always at risk of quitting before they see any progress or results. It’s very common for new dieters to quit only 2 weeks into their diet.

Sadly, this is a very common behavior in new dieters, and by adding apple cucumber juice to your dieting plan, you’ll be increasing your chances of sticking to your diet by 75%.

Cucumber juice for weight loss is known to contain high levels of alkiline which helps hydrate the body. Once your body is hydrated, it’s easier for you to focus on your goals.

Being rich in nutrients, cucumber juice contains vitamins such as A, K, C, magnesium and potassium. 

Another great benefit from taking cucumber juice is the detoxification of impurities to your body.

Cucumber juice is loaded with antioxidants which will keep you from getting sick!

Adding cucumber juice to your diet will help you lose weight and boost your overall health levels.

Juice Diet Plan to Lose Weight

Apples can be considered to be the most popular fruit in the world. Loaded with nutrients such as copper, maganese, vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, vitamin E, and vitamin B6.

The skin of an apple contains a quality amount of fiber and polyphenols so it’s best to keep it on while eating.

Apples are a fulfilling food because of the fiber and volume that they provide.

A study has shown that women who ate apples for 10 weeks lost an average of 2 pounds and ate fewer carbs.

While the study participants were given ground apples and apple juice concentrates, the results showed extra weight loss occurred along with lower cholesterol levels.

People who suffer from diabetes can benefit from eating one apple a day. This is due to the polyphenols within the apple skin. The polyphenols help prevent tissue damage to beta cells in your pancreas.

Apples are known to contain antioxidants that assist with anti-inflammatory effects which have been known to fight against cancer. 

how to drink apple cider vinegar for weight loss

Apple & Cucumber Juice For Dieting

Creating apple & cucumber juice is a fairly simple process, this combination will take your dieting plan to the next level. You’ll feel less hungry throughout the day and hydrated.

Cucumber and apple juice for weight loss is overlooked by the dieting community and should get more praise than it has received.

This overlooked drink contains vitamin C and fiber. The fiber you receive from drinking cucumber and apple juice is the equivalent to eating a whole bowl of salad.

In order to create this weight loss super drink, here’s what you’ll need:

  • 3 unpeeled chopped apples
  • 3 chopped cucumbers
  • 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice

Add the cucumbers and apples into a hopper, next add the lemon juice and blend all of the ingredients together. It’s best to serve immediately after you finish mixing the ingredients.

Congratulations! You created a whole day’s worth of vitamin C and fiber in under 5 minutes! This is perfect for those who are constantly on the go and don’t have time to eat breakfast.

Cucumber and apple juice can be a game changer for people who suffer from binge eating. Drinking one cup of cucumber and apple juice will end hunger pangs and stop cravings immediately.

Just by adding this drink to your diet, you have the potential to lose  2 extra pounds every month. Combine this drink with light exercise daily, you can lose up to 10 pounds in just 10 days.

apple cucumber juice

Dieting For Beginners

Creating and following a dieting plan is crucial to your weight loss success. By following a diet plan you’ll take unnecessary stress off your mind.

Selecting the right diet plan depends on your body type, eating habits, and dedication. Your best bet is to use a standard dieting plan such as the South Beach Diet or the Sonoma Diet.

Dieting is often times viewed as a periodical change to the way you eat. This is a very short sighted way of looking at the situation.

The best way to get results from dieting is to make the transition into eating healthy as a lifestyle instead of only eating like that on a diet.

Your mindset will also be a key factor into seeing the results you so desperately desire. The battle of weight loss begins in your mind, if you don’t believe you can accomplish your goals, you’ll never start.

After you find a diet that compliments your lifestyle, it’s important you find a support group or a friend that will encourage you when things get hard. 

Human beings are social creatures and the need to belong is an emotion that has driven humanity since the dawn of time.

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How To Lose Weight Consistently

Losing weight and gaining weight all depends on how dedicated you are to really making a change in your life. Forget about the weight scale and ask yourself why do you really want to lose weight?

Being overweight or obese can cause health problems that can stay with you for the rest of your life. By being overweight you are more likely to develop heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney disease.

Your health isn’t the only thing that might be in danger if you’re overweight or obese. Did you know medicine for type 2 diabetes can cost over $10,000 dollars a month?

The financial burden that can come from being overweight should be considered by anybody who is thinking about going on a diet. Life is already hard, don’t add extra pressure to yourself by delaying your diet.

You already have a secret weapon that can improve your chances of losing up to 5 pounds a month if you consistently use it.

Start your new diet on the right foot by having a solid plan, and decide to begin! The hardest part in the beginning is just starting, you must start where you are with the knowledge that you have. 

You can always course correct later down the road.

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Dieting Inspiration For Beginners

I’m sure you have read countless stories about people losing insane amounts of weight, if they can do it, so can you!

Get out of your own way and begin your new diet today. You will see progress if you remain dedicated and focus on accomplishing your goals.

Imagine where you will be in a year from now, you will be healthier and sexier than you ever thought possible.

It’s time that you accomplish something that will push you to become a better person. Your growth will motivate you and inspire others to do the same.

Your life will change for the better once you start dieting. You will discover things about yourself that you never thought you were capable of doing. 

Losing weight will be hard, but you will rise to occasion and finish the job. When you lose your 1st pound, watch your motivation and determination amp up.

You are more capable of losing weight than you think you are. The first thing you must do is start! It doesn’t matter if you know everything or nothing at all. The most important thing to do is start where you are, with what you know.

Here are a few affirmations that will help keep you motivated and focused on your weight loss journey:

  • Everyday I get better and better.
  • Losing weight is easy because of how prepared I am.
  • I am confident in my ability to burn fat and keep weight from coming back.
  • I am confident and my self esteem is high.
  • Losing weight is easy for me!
  • Losing 10 pounds a month is easy because my diet matches my lifestyle.
  • I am at my best after I workout.
  • My diet is easy to follow and sustainable.
  • I can do anything I put my mind to.
  • I love my body and myself.
  • I love who I am becoming while on my dieting journey.

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