best plus size jeans for big stomach

Plus Size Clothes For Plus Size Beauties

What are the best plus size jeans for big stomach women? This easy to answer question will be revealed within this blog post. Let’s face it, plus size shopping can suck at times!

Most stores with cute clothes don’t cater to curvy women, which is their mistake and will haunt them later! Being able to find nice plus sized clothes is hard, finding trendy clothes can be even harder.

Thankfully those days are long gone, today you will learn about 3 online clothes stores that are game changing.

You won’t have to spend 30 minutes searching for websites and going through their catalogs. All of the hard work will be done for you so you can shop and slay in peace!

The fashion industry is going to have a wake up call whether they like it or not. Women are tired of beauty standards that aren’t realistic to uphold in today’s world.

It’s no secret that the fashion industry will do anything in its power to downplay the lack of plus-size models to grace their covers. This type of behavior and bias is maintained in order to keep the status quo within the fashion industry.

With social media showing us images of tiny women in bikinis, it makes being a bigger woman feel less wanted and undesired.

Here is how you are going to be the best dressed woman in the room and prove to the world that big is beautiful!

The Best Plus Size Jeans For Big Stomach

super stretch jeans plus size

If you’re on the search for the most flattering pants for plus size women, congratulations because you are in luck. You will be able to find the best plus size jeans for big stomach ladies at an up-and-coming store named SHEIN.

SHEIN has been in business since 2008 and their ideology is to make fashion accessible for everybody. Although you can find cute swimsuits, dresses, skirts, and tops, SHEIN really has the jeans for curvy women on lock!

Their jeans really are a godsend for us with a belly. They carry many styles such as flare bell bottoms, distressed jeans, and high waist jeans. 

Their material is the perfect blend of cotton and polyester. SHEIN distressed jeans are designed incredibly well, this is a go-to style and I highly recommend getting a pair. Although the make is skinny, they’re really comfortable and have a button up fly.

High waisted jeans are the best plus size jeans for big stomach ladies, and SHEIN debately might have the most comfortable pair of jeans on the market.

Let’s face it, the majority of the time bigger girls have to either choose between looking good or being comfortable. Usually there is no in-between.

SHEIN took advantage of this market place and really provided a great product for all the sexy curvy ladies!

The Best Dresses For Plus Size Women

most flattering pants for plus size

Although this blog post is mainly about the best plus size jeans for big stomach women but who doesn’t love a fabulous maxi or sundress?

Finding a dress that compliments your figure while looking good can be problematic as usual. Dresses in your generic shopping mall can be very dull and all the cute dresses run small.

Thankfully this company named Dresslily exists and here’s why you need to check them out. Dresslily has been around since 2010 and yet people rarely talk about it.

It’s one of those brands that are hiding in plain sight, lucky for us they make amazing clothes at even better prices.

The dress selection Dresslily offers is the best compared to other ecommerce stores. With over 180 different styles, you can’t lose while shopping with Dresslily.

The majority of the clothes are made with the finest polyester and the sizes run up to 5XL. Comfort is the number 1 priority but style isn’t excluded!

Dresslily has a great selection of dresses but they also have an impeccable selection of jeans you must try! Their material is a blend of cotton, polyester, and polyurethane. 

The best part about their jeans is the material stretches and the fit is true to size!

Super Stretch Jeans Plus Size

best big size stores for women

One company that is flying under the radar but should be everybody’s go-to store for the latest styles and trends is called Newchic. 

Newchic has an abundance of trends ranging from floral prints, vintage, cartoons, print dresses, polka dots, harem pants, ruffled high waist pants, maxi dresses and rompers.

Their material ranges from cotton to polyester depending on what style of clothes you buy. The sizes are true to size fits and the majority of their bottoms are aimed towards comfort. 

With over 400+ different bottom styles, a go to selection are the high waist yoga pants. The yoga pants are elastic and high-waisted and run in 5 different colors. 

An over-looked aspect of Newchic is their prices. The clothes are great quality for decent prices, some of their jeans run as low as $10.

Newchic also keeps new products rolling in daily so staying up to date is necessary because a lot of these items sell out very quickly!

Any fashion fan that needs to expand their selection of styles, Newchic has you covered.

Confidence Within Yourself

cute plus size clothes for women

I want to take a moment to steer the conversation away from clothes and into self confidence and self love. Society isn’t very kind to bigger women.

Loving yourself should be the number 1 priority before fashion. Being shamed for being overweight is despicable behavior and should never be tolerated. 

You are beautiful no matter what size you might be. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, never let what you see on social media make you think otherwise.

We are constantly bombarded with images of little women being praised for their bodies and the fashion industry does its best to keep from plus size models being made popular.

From this day on, we will not accept these unrealistic “beauty standards” and hold our heads high.

Confidence comes from within, and your energy is projected into the world and expressed by the clothes you wear.

Self love is the new wave and anything that isn’t beneficial to your happiness will not be tolerated.

Affirmations For Self Love

where to find trendy plus size clothes for women

All of the stores that were talked about in the blog will have you looking good. But before you leave I want you to feel good! Here are affirmations that will empower and brighten your day!

  • I love myself and I’m happy with my appearance.
  • My clothes are an extension of my beautiful personality.
  • I carry myself with grace, intelligence, and confidence every day.
  • My body is perfect and I live my life how I want.
  • The way I present myself to the world comes from the confidence I have within myself.
  • I love every part of my body, it’s perfect in every way.
  • My body is my temple and I will always take care of it.
  • Everyday I wake up proud of the person I have become.
  • The best thing in life is having great health and a loving family.
  • I practice self love each day because it keeps my spirits high and helps me accomplish my goals.
  • The only opinion that matters about my body is the one that comes from me.
  • Loving myself is more important than the clothes I wear or the material items I possess.
  • My self image and self esteem are naturally high and come from within.
  • I walk into every situation with confidence and strength while maintaining positive energy. 
  • My energy is always high because of the love I have for my body.
  • I always treat myself with dignity and love because anything less will not be tolerated.
  • The best part of my day is when I notice how far I’ve come on my journey of growth.

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