benefits of water aerobics for weight loss

Water Aerobics For Weight Loss

Are there hidden benefits of water aerobics for weight loss? If there is one undervalued form of exercise, water aerobics is in the top 3.

Losing weight for women over the age of 30 is a bit harder for women in their 20’s. Your metabolism begins to slow down drastically in your 30’s so losing belly fat can be a daunting task.

Exercise is obviously an important component in losing weight, but there is always the potential of injuring yourself while working out.

The downside to exercise is the amount of wear-and-tear that happens to your body as a result of physical activity. Joggers who run on the street begin to develop bad knees as time goes by.

Protecting your body from injury is just one of the many benefits of water aerobics for weight loss. Swimming is a great way to burn calories without developing nagging injuries to your body.

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Benefits of Water Aerobics for Weight Loss

Keeping your body intact as you age is critical to your weight loss success. Your body doesn’t have the ability to heal as fast as it did while you were younger.

This is one of the main reasons why water aerobics is such a godsend! Keeping your body in shape without putting stress in your joints and muscles will pay off in your golden years.

Although that’s a long-term benefit, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider doing water aerobics to get your bikini body for next year!

If you’re somebody who enjoys light workouts such as walking and jogging, you can burn just as many calories as swimming as you can walking.

“Recreational swimming will burn about the same calories as brisk walking,” said Dr. I-Min Lee, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Water aerobics is perfect for those who are already injured or already carry a lot of weight.

When people think of water, people don’t typically think of it as resistance. Water is a great source of resistance training through water aerobics. 


Burning Fat Through Water Exercise

For those who are just beginning their diet, did you know that 90% of dieters quit only after 2 weeks of dieting? If you plan on beating the statistics, swimming is an excellent choice for burning calories.

An overlooked aspect while swimming is the relaxation one feels while doing cardio, this is one of the best-hidden benefits of water aerobics for weight loss.

Water aerobics is perfect for people with knee problems, bad hips, or are just starting a cardio routine for the first time.

Not only are you working on getting an aesthetically pleasing body, but you’ll also have peace of mind.

It is recommended that beginners start their water aerobics training at 10 minutes a day until you feel like your body has gotten used to the duration of the workout.

Another great way to get the blood pumping is to run in place while in the shallow part of the pool. 


Losing Weight For Good

As women get older, losing weight can really begin to get difficult. Your hormones will begin to change and losing weight won’t be as easy as it was in your 20’s and teens.

Being overweight can cause health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Although this is a superficial problem, your dating life can be at risk.

Aging causes your body to go through changes and these hormonal imbalances will cause additional weight gain. Others might develop polycystic ovarian syndrome or thyroid malfunction. 

Physical problems aren’t the only things that can cause you to put on additional weight. Mental stress, anxiety, depression, and binge eating can contribute to weight gain.

When starting a brand new diet, the first thing you should do is figure out the best dieting strategy that compliments your lifestyle.

There are many diets on the market that are very beginner-friendly. A very popular choice is the South Beach Diet because of the meal variations.

Water Aerobic Routines For Beginners

Swimming Laps

Obviously swimming is an excellent form of cardio. You can expect to burn up to 400-500 calories every hour. These results depend on how intense you are training and how much you weigh.

Kick Laps

Using a “kickboard” you are going to do laps using only your legs to propel yourself from one end of the pool to the other. Depending on how intense your session is, you can expect to burn 400-600 calories an hour.

Interval Training

Interval training can be worked in during your regular lap routine. By adjusting your pace from slow to fast every other lap your body should burn up to 500 calories per hour.

Tred Water

Keeping yourself afloat can be a great source of cardio and is one of the perfect water aerobics for beginners. Stay in one place while paddling your arms to stay afloat is all you have to do for this warmup exercise. Perform this exercise for 10 minutes.

Walking In Place

Stand in the shallow end of the pool and make sure the water level is at least waist level. Next, you are going to add pressure to the ball of your heels and then to your toes. Stand straight and tall and walk! Do this for 10 to 15 minutes.

Arm Lifts In Water

Stand in an area of the pool that is shoulder level. Lift your arms to your shoulders and rotate your wrists palm down. Next, lower your arms back to the starting position. Perform this exercise for 10 to 15 minutes.

Water Jumping Jacks

While standing in an area where the water is chest level, begin performing jumping jacks for 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

High Knee Lift Extensions 

Stand in an area where the water is waist level. Engage your core as you raise your right knee to the level of the water. After returning your right knee, raise your left knee to the water level. Continue this circuit for 10 minutes.

Leg Kicks

Using the wall of the pool or a kickboard, begin a set of flutter kicks. The next circuit perform scissor kicks and dolphin kicks. Each round should be 3 to 5 minutes.

Dieting For Women Over 30

After establishing your workout routine, now is the time to put your focus on what you put inside your body. Women in their 30’s begin to notice that losing weight isn’t as easy as it was while they were in their 30’s.

Although exercise is a very important factor in losing weight. Your diet will determine how fast you see results. If you’re brand new to dieting, consider trying a basic CICO diet. 

CICO stands for “calories in, calories out.” and it’s a very common starting place for beginners that are new to dieting. A general rule of thumb is to keep your calorie intake to 1500 calories a day and nothing more than that!

Keep your meals to a minimum but do not starve yourself while working out. Believe it or not, starving yourself will actually cause you to gain more weight. 

When you decide to starve your body, your body begins to eat stored fat as a form of compensation. During this process, your body will take in the new calories from your meal while your body eats the fat that is already stored in your body.

One guideline for meals is to limit yourself to only 3 per day. That’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you get hungry in between meals you can snack on things such as vegetables, nuts, and fruit.

Why You Should Lose Weight

Being overweight comes with problems that can be financial, medical, and personal. You can develop health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and kidney disease.

Not only will you have health problems but these conditions bring finanical problems as well. You can spend up to $5,000 dollars a month on diabetes medicine if you do not have insurance.

Although this problem isn’t as severe as your health, your dating life is at risk as well. Your self confidence can be damaged if you’re unable to fit into nice clothes or attract a potenital partner.

Not only will you develop health problems, your quality of life will also decrease. It will be harder for you to breathe and even walk with too much excess weight.

You’ve heard countless stories of people losing insane amounts of weight all over the internet. 

Isn’t it time that you become your own success story? It’s totally possible and all you have to do is educate your self and just start!

Imagine where you will be one year from now, you’re 50 pounds slimmer and all of your friends and family can’t believe that you’re the same person.

How would you feel knowing you acomplished one of the hardest tasks anybody can take on? What would you learn about yourself during this transformation?

The only way to find out is to begin right now, no matter how much you know, or whether you think you can achieve this goal. The best thing you can do for yourself and your life is to begin your diet today.

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