For those of us who love to shop here are 9 tips that will keep money in your pocket and keep you looking fabulous!

She almost missed prom because she didn’t have a dress, this website saved her night!

1. Know What Kind Of Look You Are Going For

If you have at least $100 dollars a month to spend on your clothes, what kind of person are you? 

You could easily get a sweater from Nordstrom or get multiple pieces from Target.

Each way both works, but it depends on who you are and what you value! 

Would you prefer one expensive top or multiple pieces of jeans for cheap? 

Knowing exactly what you want is half the battle!

2. Check What You Have Already

You have probably accumulated and held onto a ton of clothes so far in your life.

Ask yourself what could I use more and less of? 

Do I already have enough blue shoes? Do I really need more sandals?

Based on this information you can start upgrading your wardrobe accordingly.

3. Sell Old Clothes

If you have expensive things you don’t wear any more you should consider selling them.

You can sell these items on Ebay, Offer-up, Facebook or have a yard sale!

4. Get Classic Styles

Write down the clothing items that would make your dream outfit.

The classic look depends on your style. 

You should always acquire tops that can go with multiple shorts, skirts, and pants.

5. Make A Budget For Your Fashion

Set a limit on how much you spend. 

Setting a spending goal every month will help you keep track of what items your wardrobe needs.

Whether your budget is $100 or $500 dollars a month keep the cash on you.

In order to put more money into your clothing budget consider cutting off subscriptions such as Netflix and eat out less!

6. Avoid Shopping Online

Shopping in actual stores could actually save more of your money. 

Lets say you don’t know your exact size and you get something that doesn’t fit.

After paying for shipping and having to return the clothes again you might be subjected to more fees.

If you are still going to shop online, make sure they offer free shipping and the option to return items to the store.

7. Get A Shopping Buddy

Having an accountability buddy while shopping can go a long way. 

If you are the type to overspend having somebody who likes to save will help you tremendously.

And these are the 7 tips that will have help you save your money on your wardrobe!

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