3 day silent meditation retreat los angeles

3 Day Silent Meditation Retreat Los Angeles is a getaway from the grind of everyday life.

Practicing a form of meditation not only silences the mind, but it also connects your soul. By meditating you unlock inner joy, compassion and a sense of gratitude.

At the 3 Day silent meditation retreat Los Angeles you’ll be introduced to various styles of meditation and teachings.

Here is what you’ll be learning at the 3-day silent meditation retreat Los Angeles.

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3 Day Meditation Retreat California

3 day silent meditation retreat

At the 3 Day Silent Meditation Retreat Los Angeles you’ll be taught ancient meditation techniques. Each style has its own benefits and will greatly improve your quality of life if practiced daily.

Silent meditation or Vipassana has many health benefits such as improved concentration, improved decision making, and peace of mind. 

Vipassana also can help with relieving stress and it teaches you to live in the moment. People who practice Vipassana have mentioned understanding the human condition and the reality of how the world works.

In order to unlock the powers of this beautiful meditation practice, you are going to have to put in the work!

As one of the oldest meditation practices, Vipassana (insight meditation) is the system that trains the mind to become more aware of life.

To begin practicing this ancient form of self-observation and exploration you must:

  • Find a quiet place
  • Sit quietly and peacefully with legs crossed
  • Relax your body and be at ease
  • Focus on an object 
  • Concentrate on your breathing, if your mind wanders, that’s ok! Just come back to the center!


Silent Meditation Retreat California

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The next ancient Indian tradition yoga meditation you’ll be studying at the 3 day silent meditation retreat Los Angeles is Third Eye Meditation.

Third Eye Meditation or “the spot between your eyebrows” is another form of silent meditation that focuses your attention on a specific area of concentration.

The third eye is a spiritual concept that transcends the physical realm. Awakening your third eye will help you reach higher states of consciousness.

For those who unlock this chakra are able to see visions, achieve clairvoyance, and are able to have out-of-body experiences.

The third eye is believed to be connected to the pineal gland, which helps maintain the light which leads to the production of DMT ( dimethyltryptamine).

By opening your third eye you’ll be clearing your body of energy blocks, self-limitations, and negative karma.

In order to start the practice of third eye meditation you must:

  • Set 30 minutes out of your day
  • Sit somewhere that is quiet and without distraction
  • Sit in Lotus position to make sure your chakras are aligned
  • Make sure your body is relaxed 
  • Proceed with basic breathing meditation
  • Visualize a warm calm energy wave over your body
  • Stop this energy in-between your third eye
  • Let go of any thoughts or attachments and try to keep your mind blank
  • If you wish to connect with God, mother nature or spirit guide call out to them peacefully (internally or out loud)
  • Ask your third eye for an answer
  • Prepare for an enlightening experience


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3 day silent meditation retreat california

Before you learn about the next form of meditation we are going to cover a form of breathing called Pranayama. This breathing technique can be used while performing any form of meditation.

Performing Pranayama helps calm the mind and prepares it for any form of meditation you are going to use.

The easiest and most common way that is taught is the 4-4 method. Begin taking 4 very deep breaths, now hold it for 4 seconds. Then begin to exhale 4 times.

Continue this cycle for 4 rounds, make sure you are breathing through your nose and releasing the breath through your abdomen. 


Silent Retreat Los Angeles

Zen meditation or Zazen is the staple of  Zen Buddhist practices. The health benefits you’ll receive while practicing Zen meditation include reduction of stress & anxiety, better sleep & an improved immune system.

There are multiple ways to practice Zen meditation but we are going to cover the traditional style.

Begin your practice by:

  • Finding a quiet place
  • Go into a full or half-lotus position
  • Make sure your neck and back, stay as straight as possible
  • Pull your chin in, to make your neck become erect
  • Find a balance between a relaxed but not tense body
  • Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth, just behind your teeth
  • Direct your eyes about one meter in front of the floor or wall
  • Begin quietly breathing in through your nose while exhaling through your nose.
  • Do not attach to any thoughts or images your mind might present to you, let them pass
  • Place your palms in a prayer position and breathe for 15 to 30 minutes


Meditation Retreat Southern California
3 day silent meditation retreat near me

Taoist meditation isn’t that much different from Buddhist meditation. The difference is that Taoist really concentrate on energy flow,  healing,  breathing techniques, and visualization. 

Tai Chi or Meditation in motion was originally a form of martial arts. Today Tai Chi is strictly a meditation practice used to reduce stress and improve overall health.

The standing meditation technique is used to ground and center you both physically and mentally.

To begin practicing this technique:

  • Begin by placing your feet shoulder-width apart, keep your toes pointing straight with your knees slightly bent
  • With your hips tucked forward slightly, keep your shoulders down and relaxed with your head held high
  • Slowly inhale and exhale deep breaths through your nose with your eyes closed
  • Concentrate on feeling connected with the earth
  • Repeat this process for as many reps as you want


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Loving Kindness Meditation

Loving Kindness Meditation or Metta Meditation is the practice of directing peace and prosperity to others. Metta meditation is a form of mindfulness and vipassana meditation.

Start practicing Metta meditation by:

  • Setting 20 to 30 minutes out of your day
  • Finding a quiet place to practice
  • Sit in a comfortable position, preferably lotus or half-lotus position 
  • Begin breathing in 4 deep breaths through your nose and exhale through your abdomen
  • Now think of family or friends while wishing good feelings towards them
  • Repeat this process for 4 reps and on the 3rd set, switch your intention from family and friends to yourself

Chakra Meditation consists of relaxation techniques that are rooted in teachings from India.

There are seven main chakras are Mooladhara / Root, Swadhishthana / Sacra, Manipura / Solar Plexus, Anahata / Heart, Vishudda / Throat, Ajna / Third-Eye, & Sahasrara / Crown.

Chakra or the “wheel” is the vortices of life-force. These are the centers of spiritual consciousness along your astral body.

Begin your Chakra Meditation practice by:

  •  Setting aside 15 to 30 minutes of your day
  • Sit in a full or half-lotus position
  • Be sure to straighten your back
  • Place your tongue on the top of your mouth behind your teeth
  • Relax your whole body and close your eyes
  • Focus on the base of your spine, the mooladhara and visualize a red four-petalled lotus flower
  • Next focus on the swadhishthana and visualize a six-petalled, orange lotus flower
  • Move your attention upwards to the manipura and visualize a yellow 10 petalled lotus flower
  • Move down to the Anahata and visualize a twelve-petalled green lotus flower
  • Focus your attention back up to the vishudda chakra while visualizing a blue lotus flower with sixteen petals
  • Shift your focus to your third eye chakra while visualizing a deep blue two petalled lotus
  • The last chakra is you focus on is the Sahasara or the crown chakra Visualize a violet lotus with infinite petals.
  • Visualize closing the petals in each location at the end
Meditation Retreat Los Angeles
Mindfulness Meditation

With so much noise and commotion in everyday life, it’s hard to find time for yourself. 

Unplugging your mind from social media and technology is crucial in maintaining your mental health.

By taking the initiative and signing up for a silent meditation retreat will change your life. 

Whether you’re on a path of enlightenment or unplugging for the world the goal is the same, acquiring peace of mind.

By silencing the “monkey brain” you’ll begin to listen to your inner self more clearly. Speaking to your inner self without confusion can reveal desires you never knew you had.

Practicing silent meditation helps focus your thoughts, it can even help you with mindful eating. Eating healthy food has a big impact on your mind. When you concentrate on chewing and eating slowly you give your body more time to digest your food.

The best benefit of attending a silent 3-day retreat in southern California is gaining clarity in your life. Life can be a whirlwind, tossing you in every direction.

With a concentrated focus on what’s important to you and your values, you gain insight into what you truly desire. 

Now it’s time to take action and take control of your mind! Unplug from the world and get in touch with your true self. Knowledge of self is an overlooked part of society today.

By getting in touch with your inner self you unlock powers and heal your body without the use of modern medicine and doctors. Set your mind free and become one with the universe.

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