How to wear a t shirt fashionably. Are you addicted to t-shirts? We are too! Here are 13 combinations that stylist use for celebrity clients.

Standing out won’t be hard at all shopping here!

1. Blazer & Cut Off Shorts

Wearing a shirt and shorts can be a little too casual depending on where you are going. 

By adding a blazer and heels can turn this casual look into elegance.

2. The Matching Set

If you love to match this is the perfect look for you. 

Coordinate your t-shirt with a matching blazer and bottom set.

3. Skirt & Mules

Dress your shirt with a a metallic pleated midi, mules and statement jewelry to light the whole room up!

4. Outdoor Jacket & Heels

This look is perfection  for those who want to look chic with a little bit of edge. 

Use an outdoor jacket, pumps, skinny jeans & your t shirt for this tough chic look.

5. T-Shirt & Bustier Combo

Pair a lace bustier with your t-shirt. 

Add straight leg jeans, heels and a cute bag to bring this look to life!

6. The Business Suit

Wear a colorful suit with your t-shirt, pair this with a cool pair of shoes! Heels work as well!

7. T-Shirt As A Dress

Try the t-shirt dress with a pair of fishnet tights and boots, you can purchase a men’s large sized shirt or hem it to resemble a dress.

8. Overalls

Rock a pair of polka dot overalls with a black or white t shirt, accessorize your outfit with stylish boots, shoes, and jewelry.

9. Fitted Skirt & Booties

You are going to put a graphic t shirt in a knot and wear a long skirt with a slit. 

Use a pair of sexy boots, sunglasses & a belt bag to complete this retro look.

10. Ripped Jeans & Handbag

This look requires an over sized t shirt with a French tuck. 

Complete the look with a pair of ripped jeans, high top shoes and a cute handle handbag.

11. Midi Leopard Skirt & Belt Bag

Leopard midi skirts are literally everywhere, pair this with a t shirt, stripped shoes and a belt bag.

12. Skinny Jeans & Sun Glasses

Create the classic look with a white t shirt, skinny jeans, & a pair of low cut shoes.

13. Tracksuit

Wear a scooped neck t shirt with a full tracksuit, complete the look by wearing sexy heels & jewelry.

How to wear a t shirt fashionably you might have been asking? These were the 13 ways to style your t shirts!

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