Becoming a new dog owner is always an exciting moment for people.

But being a new pet owner comes with new responsibilities and experiences. 

Here are 10 tips that will prepare you for life with your new best friend.

1. Preparing Your House For Your Dog

During the first week with your new dog there will be an adjustment period. 

Whether if it is an adult or a puppy you must be patient with your dog.

Some dogs might show signs of fear and others might show signs of curiosity.

The key is helping your dog find confidence within it’s new surroundings.

Adult dogs commonly will take more time adjusting to it’s new home if you got it from the shelter. 

Puppies will take even longer, either way prepare for them to take a month or two to get used to their new home.

2. Learn Everything You Can About Your New Puppy

Puppies can be so much fun to be around, but it won’t be easy raising them!

You will need to teach your puppy skills like socializing & potty training.

Taking care of puppies can feel like a full time job, but you are building a bond that can never be broken.

3. Meeting Your Dog’s Basic Needs

As a new dog owner you must master the art of dog care.

You must learn proper nutrition, physical care & social interaction. 

Once you learn the basics you’re on your way to providing a wonderful life for your new best friend.

4. Find A Veterinarian 

Every dog needs access to a seasoned veterinarian. 

Making sure your dog is healthy should be your top priority as a new dog owner.

5. Get Dog Supplies

Your dog will need all kinds of items for their new home.

Preparing a list should contain a combination of wants and needs! 

These items can range from dog toys, bowls, beds, leashes, food & collars.

6. Getting The Right Dog Food

Your dog’s diet is the cornerstone of it’s health. You can go about choosing your dog’s food in multiple ways. 

One rule of thumb is checking the food to see if it is completely balanced.

7. Training Your Dog

All dogs need training, including your new dog! Proper training will make you and your dog happier.

Good dog training will also create a special bond between you and your dog.

Take at least 30 minutes out of your day to train basic commands to your dog.

8. Control Behavior Problems

No dog is perfect and neither is yours! All dog owners will go through behavior issues.

Whether it be barking at inappropriate hours, destructive chewing, or peeing in the house you must be ready to discipline your dog.

If your dog isn’t disciplined early you will pay for it in the long run.

9. Be Ready For Health Problems

Within your new dog’s life you encounter at least one health problem. 

Hopefully nothing serious, but you should mentally prepare yourself for an emergency.

10. Be A Responsible Dog Owner 

This will be the most important tip out of the 10 you just read about. 

Being responsible for your dog’s action is no easy feat but must be done.

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